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New skies

How about following us all summer on the road to freedom?

The desire for fresh air is more intense than ever, Carré d'artistes has brought together its most adventurous artists, through a summer collection, for a change of scenery which is more pictorial than ever. The idea? Grant yourself a real breather and resume the desire to travel the world, through art – the most beautiful means of transport, that could ever exist!

"Nothing behind me and everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road", wrote the famous and very inspiring adventurer, Jack Kerouac. Our artists are unique and talented personalities, they have come up with beautiful getaways for you. They invite you on the deck of a boat, aboard a Californian van or... simply, on a skateboard. Through precise or fiery brushstrokes, they give shape and color to crazy getaways, which highlight a superb elsewhere... 



(107 Artworks)

107 Artworks



Unique art for...

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