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Still life paintings for your kitchen

still life kitchen decoration

Did you know that painting makes you hungry? With still lifes! A type of painting that has survived the centuries, still life is making a comeback in our kitchens to whet our appetites and provide a pleasant atmosphere when we are cooking good food. Find different styles of still life, for all tastes and all decorations.

(41 Artworks)
41 Artworks

stillleben malerei küche wanddekoration
Die Kunst des Stilllebens, oder "cose naturali", ist sehr alt, da wir einige aus prähistorischen Zeiten finden. Schon damals gab es viele Darstellungen von Lebensmitteln, die zum Verzehr bereit waren, und diese Art der Darstellung ist bis heute dominant. So zum Beispiel die Künstler der flämischen Schule des 17. Jahrhunderts oder Paul Cézanne, der sie perfektioniert hat.

Dies deutet darauf hin, dass das Malen von köstlichen Speisen die Funktion hat, den Appetit anzuregen und in diesem Sinne angenehm anzusehen ist. Es ist daher nicht verwunderlich, dass sich viele Stillleben perfekt für die Dekoration einer Küche eignen. Es gibt zahlreiche Varianten, mit denen Sie die Dekoration Ihrer Küche je nach dem Stil, den Sie ihr verleihen möchten, vollständig anpassen können.



Von appetitlichen Trompe-l'oeil-Motiven bis hin zu abstrakten Gemälden - den Stillleben-Malern hat es nicht an Inspiration gefehlt! Hier sind wir, bewaffnet mit einer Menge Wanddekorationsideen für die Küche oder den Essbereich.

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 Fruit and fruit baskets


Emblematic of still life paintings, fruit, alone or in a basket, is one of the first things beginners are asked to paint. Ubiquitous for centuries, whether in Cézanne, older painters such as Chardin, or even in contemporary art, these paintings are a classic wall decoration for the kitchen. However, some artists have had fun taking their fruit baskets out of their realistic frames, which can add a touch of originality to your decor.



Just like fruits, flowers have been models for painters for a very long time. We remember Vincent Van Gogh's famous series of sunflowers, which he painted to decorate the rooms of an artists' residence. With their varied colors and shapes, as well as the language associated with them, flowers have the advantage of adapting to all styles. Whatever style you want to give your kitchen, you will certainly find a painting representing flowers that will suit your wall decoration.




With this type of painting, one can capture the essence of still life for the kitchen. The purpose here is to whet the appetite and they are often used in restaurants to whet the appetite of the customer. Photos of dishes on cards are a form of food still life. So, if you want a decoration that makes you want to cook and eat, don't hesitate: a painting of a dish ready to be eaten is the right wall decoration for you.


Alcohol, canned goods and brands


This type of contemporary art is especially popular for the retro feel it gives to a room's decor. Food with packaging will often give a vintage feel to your kitchen by making your decor look like old-fashioned advertisements, which could be painted by real artists. Some of these vintage posters are now collector's items that fetch high prices. A painting of bottles will fit perfectly right above the cabinet where you store your liquor.




At Carré d'artistes, we offer you contemporary still lifes, modern and adapted to our time and which will sit wonderfully in any style of kitchen, but especially for a trendy kitchen. On a shelf, on the worktop or even on the kitchen table, delicately placed against a wall.

We offer paintings in different sizes to enhance large and small kitchens and even the dining room. These representations of inanimate natures are sure to melt your heart! You also want a representation of objects? We have that in store!

At Carré d'Artistes, we give you access to a whole collection of still lifes for the kitchen, painted by talented painters. There is no doubt that you will find a work that will perfectly suit your decoration, so do not hesitate to order. Our paintings are unique works, which are delivered with their certificate of authenticity.

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