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Tribute to Claude Monet

A collection inspired by the artworks of Claude Monet

In collaboration with artists from around the world, Carré d'artistes offers a collection "Tribute to Claude Monet".
This artistic collection is colorful and faithful to the spirit of the artist's artwork. Gardens, sea views and bright water lilies will brighten your homes with these unique paintings.

Claude Monet, impressionism or the art of painting bursts of nature

Monet is a French impressionist painter, born in November 1840 and died in December 1926. Mocked by critics, he lived a life of poverty until the early 1880s, when he experienced success for the first time. Landscapes, urban life, natural settings, he is a painter who transcribes reality. From his childhood in Le Havre to his garden in Giverny, all the places that marked his life take place in his paintings.

Initiated by Eugène Boudin to outdoor painting, Monet based his artistic practice on this habit.
Faced with his subject, he made his paintings with an urgency in mind, that of capturing the landscape as he perceived it at that moment.colors, luminosity, or clouds are motifs that must be captured at all costs, before they disappear forever, breaking the vision of the artist. Today, Monet is a collection of nearly 2000 works, known and recognized worldwide.

Monet through the eyes of the painters of Carré d'artistes

Claude Monet, a collection inviting to escape
From lavender fields to sunrises by the sea, the paintings we have selected are real invitations to escape. Jean David, Violaine Abbatucci or Vaudron, all our artists offer you their impressionist landscapes.

The diversity of the artists and the selected artworks translates into a great richness:

Rich themes, approaching different landscapes and panoramas: sea, countryside, forest ...
Varied colors, from dark to bright, from red poppies to mauve lavender fields, the panel of colors is adapted to all tastes,
Richness in the techniques used: oil paintings, acrylic and mixed, watercolors ...
The brush of each artist is unique: pointillism, flat painting, impasto are all processes used in this collection.
Let yourself be tempted by these paintings in sunny, autumnal and spring colors, which will warm up your interiors and will offer you an impressionist parenthesis in your daily life!

The concept of Carré d'artistes

Carré d'artistes is a network of art galleries founded in 2001.
With 30 galleries around the world and a community of over 600 artists, we are a cultural actor committed to defending and promoting contemporary art.

We are driven by a single goal: to offer everyone the opportunity to access unique and artist-certified artworks.
The prices being proportional to the paintings (from 13x13 to 120x120), Carré d'artistes makes the acquisition of a painting accessible to all!



(57 Artworks)

57 Artworks



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