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Carré d'artistes offers you the possibility to discover the pictorial illustration with works from the best contemporary artists. 
Discover this pictorial style which alone allows to apprehend the whole pictorial currents which shaped the art of painting.

At Carré d'artistes, discover in our gallery and on our website, a wide selection of contemporary paintings. Acrylic paintings, oil paintings, watercolour paintings, whatever the style ... each work is unique and certified. 

You want to buy an illustration painting? Our art curators are available to guide you in your purchase by phone at 04 86 31 85 33 or by videoconference.
The art of illustration is a free practice that is nevertheless codified by the artistic framework.

Where does illustration come from?

The primary purpose of illustration is information. Watercolour artists decorated books with religious frescoes and esoteric drawings to visually explain a textual concept.
The rise and democratisation of illustrative painting went hand in hand with the development of printing in the 15th century. The use of images in printed books was so popular that great artists illustrated well-known works, such as Chauveau with the Fables de la Fontaine. Today, they can be found in all media: magazines, children's stories, cartoons, etc. This style inspires contemporary painters and allows them to convey a message or an emotion. The difference between classic illustration and the works presented is that the latter is not intended to explain a text or a concept, but to translate the artist's thoughts onto the canvas.

A contemporary illustration painting can represent all the pictorial trends that have shaped the practice of painting. From abstract to surrealism through cubism, the painter extrapolates his artistic culture to shape his idea. Carré d'artistes suggests you discover Raphaëlle Lenoz who proposes a caricatured vision of the animal kingdom by mixing realism and abstract symbols.

How is the art of illustration practiced?

The art of illustration is a free practice that is nevertheless codified by the artistic framework.
Artists use all painting techniques to create their works. For example, Catherine Rebeyre presents illustration paintings that combine painting, collage and sewing. Elisabeth Davy - Bouttier, on the other hand, prefers oil paint to try and make the viewer smile.

The paintings and illustrations are generally colourful and show a whimsical, sometimes childlike inspiration. The themes are often allegorised around the animal world and carefree behaviour to accentuate a dramatic effect. Some artists, such as Moogly, clearly lean towards surrealism by faithfully representing an animal in an abstract manner. Others prefer to go for portraiture and symbolism, like the artist Theo who offers his interpretation of contemporary notions by depicting women on a vintage background.
The mixed technique is also represented and allows to obtain a unique artistic rendering. Some painters will, for example, create illustration paintings centred on a seemingly childish universe. In this perspective, the humorous and sincere universe of Raphaëlle Lenoz is accentuated by the addition of flat glass beads to texture the animals' eyes.

Discover with Carré d'artistes the richness of pictorial illustration through the vision of our contemporary artists. Let yourself be seduced by pictorial, humorous and full of life representations. Illustration works are timeless and can be admired at any age!

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1073 Artworks
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