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Marie G. | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • Marie G.  | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography
Marie G.
"No art without creation, no art without emotion".
Entirely self-taught, Marie Guizard has been painting for about twenty years. Her universe is invariably linked to her childlike soul that she maintains thanks to her art. As a child, her destiny seems to be drawn since drawing classes are the ones she prefers. Marie is already passionate about comic strip characters and sometimes she covers the walls of the family home with her drawings. Later on, she worked in advertising, but she never forgot her desire to create, which became even more evident with the birth of her second child. Little by little, orders arrived, Marie gained confidence and participated in exhibitions throughout Europe.
Very close to nature and sensitive to the ecological cause, Marie uses only recycled materials that she transforms into supports for her works. She frequents vintage fairs and flea markets to find old magazines, some of which are used as a basis for her collages. Her main source of inspiration comes from the Looney Toons and vintage Disney characters whose joy and humor she seeks to highlight. It is during her contemplative walks that she recovers pallets, driftwood, glass. She draws her character with a pencil and then paints with acrylic paint. A thick varnish applied with a knife completes her work and gives a shiny aspect. \n
  • 1st february 1965
    Mortagne au Perche , France
(8 Artworks)

8 Artworks

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