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Are you considering purchasing a metal artwork?

Through the centuries, metal sculptures have been part of the art history. From classical gold or iron sculptures to contemporary metal ones, the styles are endless.
Metal art is a great way to upgrade your decor. Whether you want to enhance your living room, bedroom, garden, or even your entryway, adding a metal sculpture can completely transform the place's ambiance.

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Carré d'artistes offers a wide range of metal sculptures that will suit your taste and seamlessly integrate with your decor.
With over 600 artists in our network, explore and browse through metal sculptures for sale directly from talented sculptors.

Metal sculpture, Classic figurative: A 59-22 steel teardrop by Buil Philippe, depicting a face


History and techniques of metal sculpture

Metal is a sculpting medium, much like wood, marble, plaster, or resin. However, different metals have unique properties and historical/artistic value.
  • Gold is a noble metal primarily used for small royal objects, aristocracy, or religious purposes.
  • Copper was used in ancient times to create decorative objects and a few sculptures.
  • Bronze became prevalent during the Renaissance et Classical periods, often representing royal or religious power.
  • Industrial metals, emerging with industrial and technological advancements, such as iron, steel, aluminum, and tin, are commonly used today to create metal artworks.

The malleability and durability of metal make it an appealing choice for sculptors, especially for decorative objects. Various processes and techniques are employed in metal sculpture, including casting, wax, lost wax casting, engraving, and modeling.

In the modern era, artists have employed relatively new or previously undervalued metals in their work. Contemporary metal art has rapidly evolved and adapted to various artistic movements. The use of metal in sculpture is now common and continually changing.


Famous metal sculptors

The dynamic art form that is metal structure was shaped by many renowned artists over the years.

Richard Serra is often mentioned as one of the notable figures in this field. His sculptures, often monumental, adhere to a minimalist style, with few elements maintaining focus and perspective.
Serra is also known for his exceptional use of steel.
Moreover, Giacometti, frequently incorporated metal in his elongated figures, utilizing bronze, cast iron, or sometimes steel.
Jean Tinguely's assemblages are created with metal, and Louise Bourgeois and Alexander Calder also worked extensively with metal in their sculptures.
César, one of the greatest sculptors of the 20th century, is also worth mentioning.

At Carré d'artistes, you can discover contemporary metal sculptures by talented artists like Frédéric Fortuné and Pablo Macias.


Opt for Metal Sculptures for Your Wall Decor

Wall decor plays a crucial role in adding character to your rooms. Metal wall art can be an exciting option to give your space a unique and elegant look. Known for their robustness and finesse, they are true works of art. With a wide variety of designs, they can adapt to various styles, from contemporary to classical.

Sculptures with metal can harmonize with your bedroom, living or dining room, or office. They can help you create a strong visual impact, give a special identity to your space, and also bring an inviting touch to your entryway. In the garden, metal artworks can create a unique aesthetic. By introducing a durable visual element, they can transform the outdoor space into a special environment, favorable to contemplation and relaxation.

In summary, metal art sculptures offer great flexibility and artistic expression potential. All that's left is to choose the artwork that best suits your style among our modern metal sculptures for sale.


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