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Painting Traffic by Castan Daniel | Painting Figurative Urban Oil

Description artwork

This unique and original contemporary artwork "Traffic" on the subject of Urban has been created by the contemporary artist Castan Daniel.
The artist used Oil medium on Canvas to create this Figurative, Large size painting.
  • -

    Style : Figurative

  • -

    Subject : Urban

  • - Colors : Blue
  • -

    Medium : Oil

  • - Compatible frames : 40 x 120 cm
  • - Is framable : no
  • - Format : Large
  • - Material : Canvas
  • - Mounting type : Artwork mounted on stretcher frame
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  • - Exhibited in Gallery : Marseille l'Expo
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Castan Daniel
Castan Daniel France
Daniel Castan has conserved his working discipline, a taste for urgent situations and a passion for megalopolises from his first career path as a graphic designer. It was during this time that Daniel travelled extensively in New York and Hong Kong and developed a fascination with the urban world and its larger-than-life perspectives, and now he recreates these graphic ambiances in his painting. A graduate in fine arts, he finally decided in his forties to satisfy his need to create. Not worrying about useless reflections, Daniel Castan maintains a relationship marked by physicality in his paintings. His perspective is one of a distance runner who trains for many hours a day and obstinately moves forward. Only colour and the material count for him and he effectively maintains a power relationship with the canvas: he never waits for an illusionary inspiration, his works are born out of work and perseverance.
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