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Allart Sébastien | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • Allart Sébastien  | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

Allart Sébastien

  • France

Sébastien Allart began exhibiting his work in 2009. He was spotted by the French TV channel France 3 at an Aix-en-Provence art market and asked to produce illustrations for a documentary series. He then exhibited at countless galleries and events in France, produced a poster for a Paris play and made a piece for a charity auction.

The self-taught artist uses pens and acrylic markers on paper. Mankind and the human soul inspire him to create pieces that could be described as living paintings.

Sébastien's carefully crafted poses, attitudes and gazes create canvases that draw us in and make us think. Each and every piece is magnetic and affects the audience.

The artist works off the cuff and enthusiastically with no prep work. He goes with the flow and reacts to the movement and emotion from his subjects' poses, attitudes and gazes. His spontaneous lines clash with the delicate faces he depicts, creating eye-catching and unique pieces that are in-depth yet understated.


(53 Artworks)

53 Artworks



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