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Carré d’artistes celebrates its 20-year anniversary!

- 09/09/2021

Carré d’artistes galleries celebrate their 20 years of contemporary art

This September 2021 is very special for us… It marks our twentieth anniversary! It has already been 20 years that we have been devoting ourselves with ever more passion to protect contemporary art and its artists. It has been twenty years that we’ve been opening up creation paths and finding young talents and secret painters, so that you can discover them. 20 years finally, that we are increasingly present in France and abroad. The demand keeps increasing in terms of art and beauty. Art is on a roll, more than ever. 

It goes without saying, we need to celebrate this! This is why, instead of a big cake made up of paint brushes and tubes, we have rustled up a one-of-a-kind collection. A birthday collection, which brings together all our artists. You may have already acknowledged their bold, subtle, and revitalizing work-or on the contrary, which were able to stand firm with ephemeral modes and maintain a solid idea of where they wanted to take us…

To them, above all, but also to you, dear art-loving public, we wish to say thank you. Let the party begin!


Since 20 years and the first steps of Carré d'artistes, one has come a long way. Some artists, painters, and sculptors have accompanied us throughout these two decades: they have trusted us, and we have fervently defended them! For our twentieth anniversary, with a sense of honor as always: that each artwork has a price which is within reach for everyone.

The French artist Gérard Clisson sets the ball rolling. Why? Because the very first work that was sold by Carré d'artistes was his! Our history and this artist are linked forever, and of course he is part of this collection. We admit it: his universe has appealed to us for years. The artist recovers industrial materials and transforms them, enhances them, within abstract compositions, with subtly tuned colors. He responds to the current world, which throws away and wastes, by praising the tears, the deconstruction, while creating works that lean on harmony and an inventiveness, which are renewed!

As for Liisa Corbière, she is one of our best-sellers: a French painter of Finnish origin, she draws an infinite source of inspiration, from the landscapes of Provence. She works with a palette knife, which allows her to really play with the painted material, create very colorful, luminous, and tactile landscapes. The painter knows how to carry us along and lead us, through perfectly captured evocations of the Mediterranean sea, around the Sainte-Victoire mountain, which have been painted several times, dearly by Cézanne, in the villages of the French Riviera or closer to the boats of the small fishing ports...An unforgettable trip! 

Here is a change of scenery: with Daniel Castan, we head for New York and Hong Kong! Two crazy metropolises that have forever made an impression in the artist's retina during his travels. And they keep coming back through his brush, in the form of haunting visions of ever more vertical streets, with a magnificently rendered vital momentum. The artist also works a lot with palette knives, which allows him to create paintings with thick, dense, enveloping material... Through a simple glance at his paintings, you are immersed at once into a quasi-kinetic, immersive universe, a genuine uptake of urban life, day and night.

She has a child's heart, a mind filled with dreams and a dynamic look: Armelle Bastide d'Izard has accompanied the history of Carré d'artistes with her joyful works - and you can observe, that it is always punctuated by a guiding star! It is necessary to believe that her paintings bring happiness, so much they are inhabited by colors, positive feelings, and cheerfulness. Midway between abstraction and figuration, the artist creates spontaneous compositions that make you want to smile and laugh, due to the immense generosity of her material and her chromatic palette. Perfect to celebrate a birthday!

He too has seduced many art lovers over the years: Patrick Rousseau is a city dweller, who is in love with painting. His landscapes are made of asphalt, busy streets, artificial lights, and soaking rain sidewalks. His favorite subject? Paris, of course, the capital of artists! The artist inscribes his street scenes on backgrounds that are skillfully worked through gradations of colors; with precision and intense detail, he then comes to inscribe the movement of streets and boulevards, bridges, and banks of the Seine, or invites us on the gray roofs...Oh, Paris! 



    Those under 20 years old remember: for a long time, the art market was reserved only for a small share, wealthy elite. It was necessary to shake all that up! Because it is obvious that art is essential to life, Stéphanie Tosi came up with the idea to create an art gallery with accessible prices, favoring a much more open and relaxed path towards art.  

    The basic principle of Carré d'artistes? To offer unique works, at fixed prices set simply according to the size of the work. Without neglecting the quality! Paintings, sculptures, and drawings are carefully chosen by our art curators, who guarantee a top-notch selection to the galleries of the network. 

    It is the largest in the world in terms of art galleries: we now have more than 30 addresses around the world - and 2021 has already been showcased by 5 new openings in Singapore, Saint-Etienne, Saint-Germain en Laye, Le Touquet and Troyes, not to mention 5 more which are on the way, before the end of the year.  

    You would have understood, the Carré d'artistes adventure emerged through a desire for change and turned into a success story...Due to our artists, and due to you. Thank you! 

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