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Mother's Day: Gift ideas to please your mom
- 10/05/2023

Mother's Day is coming soon and you're searching for the perfect gift idea to surprise your mom? Don't worry, we've got some ideas to share with you! In this special Mother's Day article, you'll find gift suggestions for all tastes and budgets. Whether you're looking for what to give for Mother's Day, how to make an easy and quick gift for your mom, or even a last-minute gift idea, we've got you covered. So, are you ready to find the perfect Mother's Day gift idea ?

It is an acrylic painting titled "Flowers in a vase with yellow bird", depicting a bouquet of poppies in a vase.
Fleurs dans un vase avec oiseau jaune
Sally B

 Giving a painting as a Mother's Day gift is a thoughtful idea. Original and unique, a painting is a surprising gift that lasts over time.



 Are you looking for a unique and original Mother's Day gift idea? When searching for a Mother's Day gift, it's important to choose something that reflects our love and appreciation. To think outside the box and surprise our mom, consider giving an original Mother's Day gift like a painting.

Giving a beautiful artwork is a gesture that can deeply touch your mom and enhance her living space. Therefore, it's wise to choose a painting that aligns with her tastes and personality. In summary, giving a painting to your mother is a Mother's Day gift idea that can leave a lasting impression on hearts and minds.



Why not consider a Carré d'artistes painting as a gift? These artworks, created by local and international artists, come in various sizes and make for an original and meaningful present. Each painting is unique and reflects the artist's personality and style.

Moreover, Carré d'artistes paintings are easily customizable and can cater to different tastes and budgets.

Whether your mom prefers:

There is certainly a painting that will resonate with her. So, why not give an artistic and one-of-a-kind gift for Mother's Day this year?

 This artwork portrays a young woman in a summer dress, walking through the lavender fields in Provence. This painting from the "Thank you, Mom" collection would be a perfect fit as a gift for Mother's Day.
Lavender Beauty in provence
Pigni Diana
 Abstract artwork as a gift idea for your mother
S'abandonner au moment présent

Dravet Brigitte


If you have decided to give a painting as a Mother's Day gift but are unsure which one to choose, don't worry, you're not alone! Selecting an artwork can feel daunting, especially if you're not familiar with your mom's artistic preferences. However, there are several tips to help you find the perfect painting.

Firstly, consider your mother's personality and interests. Does she appreciate abstract art or minimalism? Next, take into account the color palette of her home. Which colors dominate the room where she plans to display the painting? Lastly, don't hesitate to seek the advice of an art professional or a friend who has good knowledge in this field. With these tips in mind, you're ready to find the perfect painting for your mom!

Gift idea for an adventurous mom

Silvia Depaire practices the technique of "Fluid painting." She doesn't use brushes or traditional tools but instead lets acrylic paint flow and mix on the canvas. The result? Astonishing visions resembling landscapes seen from above with organic textures. Deep blues blending with warm gold, creamy whites highlighting a beautiful sun-like yellow... Absolutely stunning !

  Abstract painting by Silvia Depaire, created using the "fluid painting" technique without brushes or traditional tools. This blue and gray painting would be a perfect fit as a Mother's Day gift.

673 Quartz Smoke Aquamarine
Silvia Depaire

Cette oeuvre d'art contemporain unique et originale "F3 No Name 102-20521-20220614-56" a été réalisée par l'artiste contemporain Langeron Luc. L'artiste a utilisé différentes techniques pour créer cette peinture petit format au style singulier. Cette oeuvre colorée ferait un très beau cadeau pour la fête des mères

bc8 street vert rouge bleu
Luc Langeron

Gift idea for a crafty mom​​​​​​​

Luc Langeron,too, is an inventor. The artist paints on different wooden strips, each with various colorful patterns. When assembled and aligned vertically, the strips form highly rhythmic compositions against a black background, capturing attention with their volumes and captivating with their rich chromatic palette.

Gift idea for an urban mom

 Emmanuelle Levesque with her artistry, brings forth the profile of a city from an evanescent background, as if emerging from a dream. Her paintings are delicate, playing with subtle shades of colors: pastel hues in one, a glowing palette of reds in another, or a blue or black-and-white composition... A visual delight for the eyes.
This unique and original contemporary artwork titled "Birth of the Day" was created by the contemporary artist Emmanuelle Levesque. The artist used the Oil technique to create this small-sized painting with an abstract style, focusing on the urban theme. This painting would be a wonderful gift idea for Mother's Day.
La naissance du jour
Emmanuelle Levesque

 This unique and original contemporary artwork titled "Jazz Artist" was created by the contemporary artist Saulo Silveira. The artist used the Acrylic technique to create this large-scale painting on canvas in a figurative style.
Jazz Artist
Saulo Silveira

Gift idea for an active mom

Listen closely as it seems that Saulo Silveira's paintings are infused with a jazzy rhythm. These perfectly balanced compositions leave the impression of paint masses colliding and subtly mixing together. Spontaneous lines occasionally add to the overall complexity, enhancing these abstract visions with a meticulously studied balance.

Gift idea for a meditative mom

Those who appreciate tranquility and meditation will certainly resonate with the art of Christian Hévin. The painter creates abstractions that appear to be diluted landscapes, capturing moments of fog in all their poetic essence. While never figurative, Christian Hévin remains highly evocative, generously conveying the joy of living.
  This unique and original contemporary artwork titled "Abstraction #8685" was created by the contemporary artist Christian Hévin. The artist used the Mixed media technique to create this small-sized painting on wood in an abstract style with minimalist themes.
Abstraction #8683
Christian Hévin
 Gift idea for a mom: a Carré d'artistes gift card.



If you're looking for a last-minute Mother's Day gift idea, look no further! A Carré d'artistes gift card can be the perfect special Mother's Day gift you need. Carré d'artistes is a contemporary art gallery that offers a wide selection of affordable artworks. With a Carré d'artistes gift card, your mom can choose the artwork that resonates with her the most from a variety of styles and formats. This option is ideal if you're unsure of your mom's artistic preferences or if you want to give her the freedom to choose. Additionally, the gift card can be conveniently sent via email, making it practical even at the last minute. With a Carré d'artistes gift card, you're sure to give a special Mother's Day gift that will be well-received.


Gift idea for a contemporary art lover: A sculpture


For a contemporary art lover, choose a unique gift: a sculpture. A sculpture is a decorative object that can give an interior a unique artistic touch. It is also a form of expression that reflects the tastes and personality of its owner. Giving a sculpture to an art lover is therefore an excellent option, provided you know their preferences and style.

Depending on the interior design and taste of the person you are giving the sculpture to, you can choose a classic, contemporary or modern piece. However, it is important to take into account certain criteria such as the size of the sculpture or the material of manufacture. A small sculpture can add a touch of originality while remaining discreet. If your loved one likes to attract attention, a larger sculpture may be an interesting option.

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