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Virgis' vision of art

- 27/05/2021

Tell us about your work

“Just like it is hard to describe music to those who can't hear it, staring at my paintings is worth a thousand words.

My work is my purest form of expression. It allows me to speak using various forms, colors, textures, etc.

One of the most essential elements of my work is spontaneity, and it is equally as important in my life.

The sky is unexpected, our life is unexpected, and so is painting. Looking at it this way, I find it brings abstract painting and real life together.

Through my work, I believe that I reach for harmony, with myself and the world surrounding me.”



  1. What are your thoughts on art ?
  2. Where is your inspiration coming from ?
  3. Portrait of Virgis
  4. Artworks by Virgis

What are your thoughts on art ?

“Creativity is not a fulfillment, but a process. Art is always active, it never ends and is constantly shifting.

To me, the most important thing is to share an emotional experience with my audience through my visual creations.


I try to avoid overly aesthetic artworks as I find perfection can sometimes be repellant. I find the scars of inner reality much more interesting. Success and failure, positivity and aggression, the fear of uncertainty and the joy of discovery represent my main source of inspiration. They reflect our environment and our lives. Art does not have to be fancy.

We need to accept that beauty lies in its imperfection.”


Where is your inspiration coming from ?

“I couldn't explain why I painted one particular piece. I am always searching for answers to this question and hope to never find it. If I ever do, it will all become meaningless.

However, my overall inspiration comes from nature, my environment, everyday events, old and not so old masters like Rembrandt van Rijn or Nicolas de Staël.”

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Portrait of Virgis

virgis portrait

Virgis was born and raised in a small town in Lithuania under the communist regime. In this context of poverty and hypocrisy, Virgis realized from an early age the importance of having real moral and spiritual values.
He uses oil paint on canvas to express emotions and feelings: fear, grief, joy or worry. For Virgis, these feelings are as abstract as real as life.
Today, artists like Stanley F. Kline, Robert Motherwell, Pierre Soulages and Dubuffet are references for Virgis. He is a professor of painting and graphic art in an art school in Lithuania.
Virgis finds inspiration in his environment and what it conveys. His painting is sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter. Through his abstract work he speaks of the uncertainty of life. The difficult context in which his vocation as an artist was born determines all his work and gives it its strength and depth.

Artworks by Virgis

virgis painting
virgis artwork
virgis artwork
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