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? Discover wonderful watercolor abstract paintings

- 15/11/2021
water color abstraction painting at carré d'artistes
Watercolor abstraction is a very rich part of contemporary art. It is known for its specific messages, encompassing emotions, purity and aesthetic.

Discover dreamlike visions with watercolor abstraction


Watercolor abstraction is a specific part of a very specific art. Watercolor is known for its dreamlike aspects, rich of many messages and emotions. It seems sometimes taken out of pure artistic visions, made public by communicative artists.

Once considered only part of preparatory steps for other paintings, watercolor is now a self-standing part of contemporary art and often an amazement for its public. Understand now watercolor abstract paintings to their full depth thanks to our quick guide.

What is abstraction exactly?

Some unaware people may dismiss abstraction as it was just all random. The meaning of abstraction relates to the extraction of the essence. It is then very different from randomness and requires precise artistic views.

To understand clearly how an artist can come to watercolor abstraction, it is required to ask why the artist want to extract the essence of its subject.

Is it because this subject really matters for him, or does it carry a specific message when we take it out of its daily context?

The answer to that question is often that the artist wants to share a personal message widely and find echo of her or his feelings in other peoples.


Which steps are involved in watercolor abstraction?

First, the artist must simplify its subject. It is the most important part to share his message and get the attention of the viewer.

Secondly, she or he must exaggerate some important details and eliminate what is irrelevant to her or his artistic view.

Thirdly, the experimentation is key. In watercolor, the artist often must experiment different kinds of brushes, techniques and so on to come up with the intended result.

Then, symbolization and distortions make the most of his final work. Geometry, symmetry, and specific symbols can help the artist convey the right message.


How abstraction levels are defined by the artist?

.A very important point to consider about watercolor abstraction is the following: artists take different levels of abstraction to design their final artwork, and this is the main part of their artistic process.
It is indeed a major part of their work to become conscious of our understanding of reality before working on their watercolor paintings.

Artists can sometimes take inspiration from all their senses to create a specific watercolor artwork. This can convey very interesting results in the final painting.

An artist will start with the imprecise feeling he or she has from a memory that he or she is attached to and translate that into pure thinking thanks to watercolor.
This process makes the artist understand his or her different level of awareness and can awake similar feelings on the viewer’s side. Therefore, watercolor abstraction is particularly meaningful for the viewers.

Artists choose then to accentuate some details more and then to make some others less visible on the watercolor painting.

This results in a very personal picture of reality that they offer to their public. It might be one of the more intimate form of art; it is no surprise watercolor was once the support of the artist’s private work. Enter into the process of artistic creation with watercolor abstraction.


What is featured on watercolor abstract painting?

Watercolor abstraction often features one easily identifiable subject that is made even beautiful thanks to its slightly translucent appearance on the painting.
With that technique, artists experience freedom of creation to represent beauty, power, and creation. Emotions can become visible through the colors that can spill away from the subjects.

The ability to have different abstraction levels makes the result depend on our own understanding. It becomes possible to tell a longer story or a different story each time a new viewer looks at the painting because of the process involved. Indeed, the viewer will enrich the artistic experience. The artist can end-up mastering this process with his own specific objectives.

Reliance on other elements, transcendence, all these sorts of very personal feelings can appear on watercolor abstract paintings thanks to the impressive mix of colors. This mix is often unparalleled in other forms of arts.

Another important part of watercolor abstraction is that a serene atmosphere almost always emanates from the paintings. It is generally considered that this type of art brings peace where it ends up because of the seemingly detached ideas that are pictured. Since the subjects of watercolor abstractions are often not depicted in our daily reality, they seem to stay someway higher than we are, in that vague territory of dreams and ideas we can explore.

Vassily Kandinsky

How watercolor artists can create impact in their artworks?

As watercolor abstraction is opposed to lots of details, watercolor artists create impact with larger marks and overall look. This can give a better view of the subject and makes us develop stronger attach to specific subjects we love, be it landscapes, animals, nature, etc.

Lots of colors are often used in watercolor abstract paintings because it is known as the most fluent way painters can speak to their viewers through this type of artwork. Some color schemes are selected to bring a specific vibe to the artistic message.

Texturing can sometimes add to the artwork of watercolor abstraction. Thanks to some acrylic colors, some artists enrich their paintings. It can also be done with collage paper too – especially with some handcrafter papers. Some artists also love to mix it with gouache – especially white gouache to bring some more light to their emotional paintings.
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