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Guillaume Rosenberg shares his experience as a franchisee in Tours!


Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Guillaume, I am 50 years old (the years are flying by!). I tend to define my career as atypical. With a background initially focused on mechanics and the automotive industry, I changed my focus to finance, a field in which I obtained my Masters. Afterwards, entrepreneurship welcomed me with open arms. In fact, my real job is that of a developer; it is even a passion. Today I work mainly with the fast food industry.

How did you come up with the idea of opening a Carré d'artistes gallery?

It is art, this lifelong passion, that led me to meet Carré d'artistes. I dug the subject and then I seized the opportunity to convert this passion into a concrete project. Apart from my youthful dreams, this meeting was finally made a little by chance.

This project is out of the pattern I know, but I launched into it with conviction and enthusiasm. What motivates me is to be able to link my passion for art to my job as a developer. I like to say that with Carré d'artistes, I stopped doing what is reasonable to do what I want!

I have a strong appetite for the art world, especially for contemporary art and street art. I have a small collection of works with beautiful symbolism behind some of them.


What does the city of Tours mean to you?

Tours is my city of residence but it is above all a city that I have chosen and defined as ideal to host my activities. It has a good mix of urban and rural population/culture with a nice touch of modernity. It is also a city naturally oriented towards art and history which are more globally two fundamentals of the French culture.


How does Carré d'artistes accompany you in your projects and what do you expect for the future?

I perceive Carré d'artistes as a brand that knows its trade and knows how to transmit. And this, even if the concept has recently been franchised in France. It is the result of a network in growth since its creation more than 20 years ago.

The teams master their subjects while bringing a certain sensitivity, even a femininity specific to the field. This makes the relationship pleasant, placed under the prism of empathy and gentleness, which fits perfectly with the products and the concept.

For the future, I am convinced that together we will build a solid and healthy network. 


According to you, what are the advantages of Carré d'artistes compared to other franchises?

It is a network that evolves in a pleasant and promising field, while having clearly defined objectives. From my experience, I can say that their mechanisms have nothing to envy to the big franchises! Today, I am totally supported by the strategic plan that I consider to be the right one.


According to you, what are the important skills to manage a Carré d'artistes gallery?

You have to love what you do, not do it out of disappointment. You also have to put a lot of energy into maintaining relationships with artists and clients. Of course, the management part is not to be neglected.

It is necessary to be in phase with the product, the human being and to engage the same passion in gallery as the artists in workshop. We are in the emotion, it is a feeling that we must capture and maintain to make us (the franchisees) the best possible representatives for the artists.


Quel a été le meilleur conseil que quelqu'un vous ait donné lors du démarrage de votre entreprise ?

The simplest are the best: you must never forget the human element and consider your counterparts and collaborators, it is the basis of business. Also, you must take pleasure in what you do.


A few words about the head office team?

The team has great energy and commitment. The support provided is totally in line with the promise of the concept. I feel a real expertise and a real mastery, therefore competence.


A word to add about your collaboration with Carré d'artistes?

I am very happy to be among the first French franchisees of the network with the opportunity to contribute to the growth and to develop my passion. I want to develop the network in the Centre/Côte d'Ouest region by positioning myself as an undisputed reference in the sector. But in the very short term, I am looking forward to opening my first gallery in a few days!

You want to start a Carré d'artistes franchise and open a gallery? Contact us and let's build your project together!

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Interview - Guillaume Rosenberg - franchisee in Tours


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