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Carré d'artistes, the world's leading network of contemporary art galleries, is undergoing a revival that promises to be rich and promising in many ways. Discover the main lines of its agenda, from the opening of new franchised galleries to marketing efforts and its annual international gathering.

September is back-to-school time for everyone. It is also the time when Carré d'artistes blows out its candles for the 21st time. Over the years, the brand has continued to grow and now has 34 art galleries. By 2022 and in the perspective of 2023, several openings are planned.

Thanks to the development of franchises, the number of stores continues to grow. At least three new galleries will open in October and November (two in France and one in Europe), expanding the network.

To expand, the brand is investing heavily in the search for new project owners, but is also relying on its existing franchisee network. Moreover, some of them plan to open a second gallery, or even a third, in 2023.

Carré d'artistes is therefore looking forward to 2023, with the opening of a dozen galleries.



Like the "Free frame" operation organized from September 15 to 21, Carré d'artistes uses a variety of offers to inspire and build customer loyalty. These services are also important growth drivers for the turnover of the network's franchisees.

In the same way, Carré d'artistes maintains strong links between artists, franchisees and customers by regularly hosting vernissages, one of the concept's flagship events.

Carré d'artistes will also take advantage of this period to organize its annual conference, an always special moment that will take place in Aix-en-Provence from September 22 to 23. Many surprises await the French and international franchisees.

Thus, Carré d'artistes gives itself all the chances to develop, to reach its objectives and to make art accessible to all!

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