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Take the leap: buy art online

- 07/12/2020
take the leap and buy art online
Buying art online is beginning to get democratized in France. This is a common experience in the US, but doesn’t happen often in our country, as people are very attached to the idea of buying art in galleries, during auctions or in any other dedicated place which specializes in this area. However, buying art online has several advantages and isn’t as complex as one would initially imagine. How about taking the leap? How about being audacious and buy art online? There are many good reasons why one should buy artwork online, let us explain these reasons to you and how it really works.




Buying artwork online means choosing to be practical. Do you have the time to browse through galleries, exhibitions (from the most famous ones to the less known ones) or attend auctions currently? Certainly, it’s not easy running around everywhere to find artwork, which will go well in your living room. Online art sales is ideal to do your own research, while sitting on your couch or at your desk and browsing through professional websites, who specialize in this area and possess a network of experts, who are not only attentive and talented artists. You can take the time to choose, spot and compare artists and works, without any pressure or obligation. But most of all, you can choose your criteria to bargain-hunt among the works online. It’s simple, comfortable, and practical. 


Dreading to buy art online also means being afraid of not being able to communicate with professionals, getting clear and honest advise and not being able to find out more about the artist. However, this is a misconception as it’s possible to exchange with experts on such websites. Buying art online doesn’t get rid of the communication aspect. Of course, it isn’t obligatory, if you wish to buy work anonymously without exchanging except for the main transactions, you have the right to do so. In practice, you have the choice: to exchange or remain discreet. If you feel the need, experts are always available to discuss and talk about the works displayed online and learn about the artists and their techniques. Trust does exist on an online art website; it is present and ensures a reliable and precise service. 


Making up one’s mind to buy artwork on an Internet site, means choosing to help contemporary artists, taking part in promoting contemporary art and its artists (known and less known, even beginners). Whether you’re a collector of a particular artist or artistic work, or you’re curious about all kinds of novelties, there is always a very good reason to buy contemporary artwork. By taking the leap and buying online, you’ll be helping websites come forward, not to mention, helping artists make a name for themselves. As it’s much easier selling art online rather than managing to enter a famous gallery. Artists are much more visible on the web and thanks to online buyers, they can highlight their talent more easily. Buying art online allows to democratize contemporary art and come out of the elitist rigidity. From now on, contemporary art comes to you in a very simple way, without any prejudices and complications. 
buy art online




The first thing you need to do when you buy artwork on a website, is to be well-informed. The first reflex is to get information on the work which is of interest to you. You need to properly decipher the information, given by the website: the features of the work need to be clear (medium, dimensions, technique and the material which is used); information needs to be given on its status (original or edition) and it needs to come along with an authenticity certificate or at least with the artist’s signature. If something doesn’t seem clear to you, don’t hesitate contacting the team of experts, who are precisely present to help you make your choice and to answer your questions. Don’t forget to get information on the artist as well: his background, his other works, tariffs, the awards he has won, exhibitions etc. 


It’s key to properly understand an artwork’s price. This price varies depending on several criteria: how famous the artist is, rarity of the work, whether the work is original or not, its dimensions, condition, etc. If one is able to decipher these criteria, one can understand better how the price has been set for an artwork. Don’t forget that additional costs may add on to this price: preparing the parcel, delivery, customs, and other costs if the artwork is being shipped from a country which doesn’t belong to the European Union. 



Last but not least, to buy artwork reasonably online, all you need to do is get information on the terms and conditions of purchase, this is important. The payment terms are often similar among sites: bank wire is the norm, whether it’s with a PayPal account or by credit card. Depending on the website, several currencies are accepted. One needs to also get information on the delivery time and if one can return the work (a withdrawal time period, in general). If you have the slightest doubt, a customer service is at your disposal, to help you with your purchasing procedures. 


Carré d'artistes offers you a large variety of contemporary artworks, to buy online. To finally make the leap and buy artwork online, Carré d'artistes is ideal: it’s a reliable and secure website, with a large choice of contemporary art, selected by art experts. Various artists offer their work online: known, less known or beginners. All styles and colors are present on our website. If you have a particular desire related to precise hues, a favorite style, or a technique, don’t hesitate consulting our catalog, to find the artist or work which suits you best (and which suits your walls). Carré d'artistes also presents contemporary sculptures and works with varied techniques, created by talented artists. 

Being audacious and buying art online means choosing a reliable and easy way to acquire artwork, contrary to misconceptions. There are many reasons to take the leap and help democratize contemporary art. The procedure isn’t really complicated and turns out to be actually easy once you’ve taken on the right reflexes. So, come and have a look at our selection, where a very wide choice of works await you, to pamper yourself but also satisfy your curiosity and your love for art. 

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