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These photos on art we don't want to hear about

- 17/11/2021
These photos on art we don't want to hear about carré d'artistes
Have you already thought of gifting art, but never dared to? For Christmas, Carré d’artistes helps you go beyond the frame. So, let’s break the traditions and be done with the prejudices. 
You may have already heard, or worse, already thought: “Art is for rich people!”, “It’s only made for collectors!”, “I don’t like it!”, “I don’t understand anything”. This should reassure you and confirm that you’ve found the ideal present! 

Gift art? It’s too expensive!

It’s perhaps THE most prevalent photo, though completely UNTRUE. At Carré d’artistes, we offer accessible art. Buying artwork 95€ onward is now possible!
In addition, it’s a long-lasting investment. So, what do you prefer? The last pair of trendy shoes, which will be out of fashion in a few months, or a unique artwork which is going to gain value? Who knows, you may end up offering one of the masterpieces of tomorrow…

Contemporary art? It doesn’t get to me at all!

“I could have done it myself”, “It doesn’t amount to anything”, “I don’t like it” or even the famous “This isn’t art!” are all widespread but also absurd ideas. 
Contemporary art doesn’t fall into one category. Every artist has a different version. Generalizing doesn’t make any sense! If you don’t like it, this means that you haven’t found your firm favorite yet. And this can happen rather quickly… 

A genuine artist is hidden behind every masterpiece, due to his technique, style, sensitivity, in short, his story. At Carré d’artistes, we have carefully selected the artists we exhibit, to offer you works which shall make you quiver and make your loved ones, dream about. 
We represent several styles, universes and artists, not to mention an unprecedented know-how. We look forward to seeing you at the gallery or on our website, we are sure that you’re going to come across: THE heart stopper. 
 Contemporary art? It doesn’t get to me at all!

Me, gift art? I don’t know anything about it!


We see you there with your speech on elitism, but art isn’t made for experts! On the contrary, at Carré d’artistes, art is uninhibited.
Because we would like to democratize art and break down the barriers.
We are addressing everyone and not only those who already possess a beautiful collection of art! 

To help you find the rare gem, we’ve decided to showcase a new artist every week. You can fundamentally discover different universes, through each one of them. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social networks, so that you don’t miss out on anything. 
And for those who still need a gentle nudge, don’t hesitate looking for inspiration, in our dedicated category! 

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