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A tribute to Vincent Van Gogh

- 06/04/2022

Carré d'artistes celebrates Van Gogh for Spring!

A major artist of modernity, Vincent Van Gogh marked the history of painting with his tormented portraits, his unforgettable still life (which includes the famous Sunflowers!) and the inhabited landscapes.

Many painters followed his footsteps, claiming their heritage or echoing his recognizable style. We have brought them together in this collection, and you can discover these from April 30 to 13 in our galleries and on our website.

 Artists crazy about Van Gogh 


For this spring collection, which gives the prominent spot to Van Gogh, painting is in the limelight, as is landscape art! Follow the colorful getaway of the Finnish painter, Liisa Corbière. In love just like Van Gogh with Arles, with the landscapes of the south of France, the artist portrays vast fields, Provençal houses and seasides flooded with light, in a greatly generous manner.

We shall also follow Lyne in the country of Giono, where she depicts the clear skies above a beautiful countryside with sandy, bluish colors, punctuated with purple flowers. As for the fields of sunflowers, they are the privileged domain of the artist Arkady, who strives to highlight their intensity; the yellow flowers bloom through their balanced compositions with, the silhouette of the Sainte-Victoire mountain, as a faithful neighbor.

Lovers of still life will be able to take a close interest in the work of Vaudron, who designs vaporous compositions which are silently charming. Or even Heaton Rudyard, who enjoys blending Van Gogh's favorite patterns with very contemporary ideas, such as a high-heeled shoe! 

    The art history review: understanding Van Gogh in 1 minute

    The artist passed away at the age of 37, the shooting star Van Gogh created enough during his short life to thrill the greatest museums in the world, such as the museum in his name in Amsterdam or the MoMA in New York. Born in the Netherlands, the young Vincent first tried to make a career as an art dealer, before heading towards painting in the 1880s. He then moved to France, where he worked hard and maintained tumultuous relations with his few painter friends – these include the painter Gauguin, just as daring and original as him. Most of all, Vincent Van Gogh painted naturally and went with the flow, and wherever he went: to London, Arles, Auvers-sur-Oise… And always wrote to his brother. His letters are one of the most interesting and intimate documents about him: run to the bookstore to get it!

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