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When Spring awakens painting

- 01/04/2021
Winter’s dullness is finally over! Make room for Spring, a season cherished by artists. The Earth flourishes again, nature booms, the air is alive again and the light is beautiful: everything is present to favor an invigorated inspiration. 

Sun is back and so is the good mood. No cloudy covers in the sky but a vast bule horizon which awakens the hues of the world! In short, Spring gives us the desire to feel alive, go out, meet people…but also artwork!

Unfortunately, with this new confinement, we will still need a little patience before drinks with friends, barefoot strolls in the grass and Sunday picnics...But don't panic! While waiting for the day when life will finally take its normal course, we have prepared a collection of paintings dedicated to this wonderful season! Enough to bring spring into your home and escape for a moment...



Artists don’t fear anything and represent all seasons. This being said, Spring is indeed the perfect season to paint: the weather isn’t too hot or cold, there is fertile nature, a galore of subjects…

One can see the proof with the absolute masterpiece of the History of art, Spring, painted by Sandro Botticelli between 1478 and 1482: ordered by Lorenzo, the Magnificent, the famous member of the Medici family, the painting is currently exhibited at the Uffizi Museum in Firenze, along with superb mythological silhouettes (of which Three Graces and Venus) in a neat decor, with a phantasmagorical forest where thousands of flowers and fruits blossom. Impossible to make something more beautiful! 
Unless one were to look at the impressionist painters, who relentlessly celebrated this beautiful season: in 1872, Claude Monet painted the image itself of peace with Spring, also known as The Reader, which shows a young woman sitting in grass, reading peacefully under a tree…The subject is extremely modern for her period and genuinely represents the impressionist mind, who is able to capture the happy textures of the moment. 
More recently, the contemporary painter David Hockney was bewitched during the lockdown in France, during Springtime in Normandy: he is fond of experiments, so he created paintings…on his iPad. Looks like Spring leads to all sort of fertile things! 





Artists like Spring too! They celebrate it through colorful, light works, which highlight beauty, landscapes, flower bouquets…So many visions which bewitch the look and once hung on the wall, rekindle the colors of a room and trigger joy and peace. In our galleries or our website, you can check out precious work from the painter Chico Souza, who has created very beautiful still life paintings but also landscapes filled with flowers or trees-where one would willingly take a nap! Or the one of Vitoria, a French artist, who paints seaside and lavender fields, flooded with light…

Do you prefer artists with overflowing imagination? Go and discover the incredible universe of Catherine Rebeyre, whose technique is incredible, delicate and illustrates mysterious portraits of young women, who are elegantly dressed and personified animals like fairytale characters. Ideal, if you wish to decorate your child’s bedroom with unique artwork!  

Also discover BuiBui, whose stylized, geometric, and contrasted compositions portray genuine visual poetry. Not to mention, Elisabeth Davy-Bouttier whose sweet figures are a delight for one’s sight and lead us to perfectly carefree lands…
Do you like dreamlike landscapes? You can bank on David Fonteyne to carry you far away: with elegant boats and trees along with thousands of colorful painting touches, through agile and sensual strokes, the exact boost we all need for a getaway.
Let’s not forget to mention Francesca Escobar and her children paintings, alone with a cat, in pairs on a beach or picking flowers, touching images which warms up the heart, after a rather long Winter.
In short, you’ll definitely find something delightful and appealing! 

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