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Since time immemorial, man has painted to express himself. Painting is the pictorial art of reference for all lovers of art and beauty. With the technical progress to which our artists have access, the contemporary paintings that we propose to you are always more creative.

Passionate or neophyte, at Carré d'artistes, you will find a selection of original works in all the styles you desire. We are constantly looking for new artists, in order to satisfy your desires and touch your sensibility.
Our goal: to make you find the painting that is yours.

Contemporary painting, emblematic styles

With a rich history of art that has its roots in the first men, our artists, coming from multiple universes, work in different styles. Surrealism or pop art, you can also meet the works of the street-artist Deuz, or the sublime abstract paintings of Christian Hévin.
More than just paintings, our artists invite you to discover the world they inhabit, sharing with you the finesse of their art.

Paintings with varied themes

Contemporary painting has the erroneous reputation of presenting minimalist, abstract works, far removed from reality. By browsing through our catalogue, you will realise that contemporary art is much more generous and that figurative art has its place.
Still lifes, portraits, landscapes, we have at heart to offer you pieces putting in scene various subjects. Calling on the poetry of colours and forms, you will inevitably find the ideal work to dress your interiors in the taste you like.

Contemporary painting, proven techniques

Far from the cliché of the painter sitting in front of his easel, brush and palette in hand, our artists use their art through multiple experiments. Acrylics and watercolours coexist with less classical painting. Paint becomes a living material, which our artists work with many tools, brushes, but also spatulas, spray cans or stencils. This technical plurality allows them to play with nuances and to give to the rendering of their works, unequalled effects.

Choosing your paint by price

The notion of art has been questioning thinkers and philosophers for several centuries already.
The only certainty we can have is that the beauty of a work of art is not fixed in time, and has value only through the eyes of those who contemplate it.

Aware of this subjectivity, we are keen to make our paintings accessible to all.
Art should not be the business of an elite, that is why you can search for paintings by price. You can also refine your search criteria by format, size, colour, or refer to our recommendations.

Contemporary painting is not ours. It belongs to our time. It is the symbol of our time. It is no more, no less, a true passion, which we wish to share with you.

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131 Artworks
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