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Painting Louise et Julie by Sahuc François | Painting Figurative Nude Minimalist Acrylic Pastel

Description artwork

duet pose by models Louise and Julie
  • -

    Style : Figurative

  • -

    Subject : Nude

  • -

    Subject : Minimalist

  • - Size : 81 x 100 cm
  • - Colors : Orange
  • -

    Medium : Acrylic

  • -

    Medium : Pastel

  • - Is framable : no
  • - Format : Large
  • - Material : Paper
  • - Mounting type : Artwork mounted on stretcher frame
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Sahuc François
Sahuc François France
Passionate about drawing since childhood, Francis' dream came true when he entered the School of Fine Arts in Paris. He graduated in 1984 with a degree in architecture and opened his own agency in the Marais district of Paris. His artistic passion for the human body and nudes led him to frequent workshops with live models, such as those led by the French artist Bertrand Godard (twentieth- twenty-first centuries). After several years of practice, Francis found his style: a dynamic design with warm and bright colours, composed of powerful lines, at times rounded or elongated. The Parisian artist works spontaneously in his loft-studio in Clamart (Hautsde-Seine, France). This quiet space is bathed in a light favourable to concentration and creativity. François' drawings are the result of sessions of often quickly posed male and female models. He manages to quickly capture the very essence of a movement. His observation is also focused on the play of light and the personality that the model exudes.
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