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Rasa | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • Rasa | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography
Free a human and he will start to create.
It is in a small town in Lithuania, then Soviet, that Rasa grows up and flourishes, always with a pencil in her hands. She scribbles everywhere, whenever she can, even in books if she is not supervised. Later, she graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Šiauliai before becoming a teacher in Mažeikiai. The artist transmits to her students her passion for painting, drawing and art history. In 2019, she decided to live only from her works and began to exhibit throughout Eastern Europe through various art symposiums.
For Rasa, everything begins with a thought. She imagines it, feels it, touches it and finally, once evoked on canvas, shares it with her audience. In her urban landscapes, the artist looks at specific, peaceful scenes, like fragments of a larger panorama. In this way, she reflects the secrets and little stories of the streets and buildings, wishing to instill in us a feeling of déjà-vu of a place that is familiar to us or that we dream of discovering. She admires the painter Maurice Utrillo and is inspired by the primitivist aspect of his city sceneries with mysterious atmospheres and muted lights. From memories, photos or sketches, she paints with acrylic on canvas with a brush and spatulas. Her philosophy: no need to go to the moon to find happiness, just go to the rooftops and look for the beauty of the details.
  • 2019
    Exhibits several times
    Mažeikiai, Lithuania
  • 2019
    Devotes himself to painting
    Mažeikiai, Lithuania
  • 1988
    Teaches art, drawing
    Mažeikiai, Lithuania
  • 1988
    Diploma of Fine Arts
    Šiauliai, Lithuania
  • 1965
    Šiauliai, Lithuania
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