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In the contemporary bastide of Sophia and Julien

Guided tour of a Modern, Warm and Artistic House. We visited the house of an art-loving couple*. In their home, there's an artwork for every room. Enough to inspire you!

Aurélie, our artistic director, advised them and changed the layout of the paintings.

1. François Foucras - Dernier par ver la mer
2. Sandrine Hirson - Le chemin
3. Beatrice Chassagnette - Indulgence

1. Tomàs - La grande ville


What is your favorite room? And why ?

"The dining room, cozy and friendly, the latter is the heart of our home,
where we share precious moments with the family. "

1. Tomàs - La grande ville

1. Julia Ulrich - Yellow grey
2. Maria Kuprina Carle - Fleurs d'agrumes
3. Philippe Auriol - Au bord de la jungle

1. Han - Presage d'un avenir estival
2. Beatrice Chassagnette - Indulgence
3. Alice Parisotto - Scemo chi legge

1. François Foucras - Dernier par ver la mer

1. Rasa - The mysterious Marseille.

1. M.T. Kilias - Freedom
2. Victor Baroni - Onyx acidulé

1. Marjoline Fleur - Vol de bus

What is your connection with art?
What do the artworks bring to your interior?

"I like the idea of passing on my passion for art to my children.
I am delighted that they can grow up with art around them."

1. Marjoline Fleur - Vol de bus
2. Abiy - PM.17
3. Gemma Aguasca Sole - Una bona conversa

1. Abiy - PM.17
2. Gemma Aguasca Sole - Una bona conversa


1. Suzanne Lastrina - Too hot for you
2. Suzanne Lastrina - Where did all the fun go
3. Suzanne Lastrina - Mr. Swing king
3. Suzanne Lastrina - Bird

1. Wawapod - Matisse Lichtenstein

1. Aurélie Lafoucarde painter - Matisse Lichtenstein

1. Wawapod - Matisse Lichtenstein

1. Cressane - 4514
1. Sandrine Hirson - Plénitude

"Art is everywhere, every room here reflects a part of me, adding a personal and emotional touch."

*The homeowners preferred to stay anonymous, and used fake names.
Unique art for...

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