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Rosângela | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • Rosângela | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography


The soul is always best represented by the colors and glory of light!

Rosangela Sousa Ferreira is a painter from Brazil. She is a self-taught artist who began drawing when she was a little girl. She explored and got to grips with art on her own and gave her drawings to family and friends. She stood out from the crowd when one of her designs was sent to the government commission. 16 year old Rosangela was then chosen to represent Brazil in the arts sector at the University of Rhode Island during a WSAG event. She changed her life and career in 1998 and set off for Canada. Twelve years later she made a beeline for Europe in 2010. The change of lifestyle made her realise she was on the right path and in the right career as an artist.

The artist works with acrylic and combines techniques to create unique and original pieces. Gold and metal leaf are a regular feature to add the finishing touch to her work. Her portraits are inspired by her travels in Israel and Venice. Her pieces exude a soothing  vibe and feature mainly females in a realistic, delicate and elegant style. Her main sources of inspiration include the painter Manolo Valdès. Rosângela is also inspired by Rothko and Matisse for colour and Poliakoff for substance.

  • 1994
    1st exhibition of his works
    Boston, United States of America (the)
  • 10/02/1977
    Brasília, Brazil

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