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Art gallery Carré d'artistes Bonn

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Sternstraße 19

53111 Bonn

E-mail: bonn@carredartistes.com

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    Visit our art gallery Carré d'artistes located in Bonn!


    Bonn is nicknamed "city of the arts". It is therefore quite natural that Carré d'artistes finds its place in the German city, a leading artistic center and a meeting place for art lovers.

    The Carré d'artistes gallery in Bonn is the meeting point for the most ingenious contemporary artistic inspirations to be discovered in the metropolis! By highlighting numerous contemporary artists, the gallery promotes the international contemporary art scene. Paintings, sculptures, openings, meetings with the artists and expert advice await you in the gallery!


    What is a Carré d'artistes art gallery?


    Our gallery is a space in which contemporary art is hoisted on a pedestal and in which the diktats of the art market have no place. Carré d'artistes is committed to making art and more broadly culture accessible to the greatest number of people through a fair pricing policy. 

    Art is for the mind, what food is for the body. It is therefore interesting to surround ourselves with a good dose of positive energy by bringing rays of art into our daily lives that have become too routine. A bit of music, a bit of poetry and above all a lot of colors are present in each of our contemporary art galleries around the world. 

    Our main objective is to share the beauty of art and the talent of different artists from all over the world. That's why we don't only welcome painters. We also open our doors to sculptors and illustrators. We do not limit access to our gallery to a specific category of people. Whether you are an expert, an amateur or a novice in the field, you are always welcome.

    We have decades of experience in the art world, and our flair for finding sensational works of art has been honed. The satisfaction in the eyes of our customers and visitors has become over time the fuel that motivates us to continually search for the rare pearls of this colorful world of many surprises.


    What artworks will you find in our art gallery Carré d'artistes?


    Through our choices, we expose the sensitivity of our artists' feelings. We expose the silence of their respective inspirations in order to touch the sense and emotions of the public. 

    We offer you a wide range of unique and certified works in our store located in this region of Germany. You will find here:

    • Paintings: we have paintings made of oil, watercolor... paintings that illustrate life scenes, animals, portraits, urban views... ;
    • Sculpture works: we offer sculptures of different styles (street art, classical...), techniques (bronze, resin, metal...) and themes (animals, pop art icons...);
    • The works of illustration: you will find in our store beautiful illustrations atypical and high in color.

    The right place to buy art in Bonn


    Our works of art will enhance your interior decoration. You can use them to embellish your living room or to make your office more expressive. With the illustrations we offer, you will have great ideas for the design of your children's room.

    By visiting our art gallery, you will certainly find among the many works that go through the expertise of our art curators something to satisfy your thirst for art.


    Are you an artist in Bonn?

    Art is not hidden. It is celebrated. It is shared and admired. It is in this dynamic that we have not hesitated to collaborate for nearly 20 years with both established and up-and-coming artists. Are you a painter, sculptor or illustrator? Are you in the region or in the surroundings? If your answer is yes, then don't hesitate to contact us.

    If your work is validated by our team of experts, we will then need 40 of your works in a dedicated space. Your work will be displayed in our gallery. We take care of all the necessary logistics.


    How to get to our contemporary art gallery?


    Whether you are in the capital of the former Federal Republic of Germany or in the surrounding area, you can easily get to our store. We are located in the city center at Sternstraße 19, 53111 Bonn.

    The doors of the Bonn gallery are wide open to you!

    Find our latest news and inspiration on our blog dedicated to art :

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