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Davo | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • Davo | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography
  • France
  • Sculptor

"The secret of happiness and the height of art is to live like everyone else, while being like no one else.
Originally from Lyon, Davo has only recently started working in the art world even though he has always loved to draw. When he discovered a pair of personalized shoes, he found a source of inspiration and began to explore this creative path. Passionate about manga, pop art and street art, Davo is inspired by these artistic trends. With his
Always looking for inspiring visuals, Davo creates for fun and seeks out subjects that inspire him. When his project is targeted, he prepares his support by stripping the area to be painted with acetone. Then, he draws the first sketches with a pencil before applying the colors with his brushes and his airbrush. For him, art is above all a bridge between people linked by the same passion. A way of communicating other than with words.
  • 2020
    First creations
    Oullins, France
  • 1987
    Oullins, France

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