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Dupetitpré Roselyne | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • Dupetitpré Roselyne | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography
Dupetitpré Roselyne
  • France
  • Painter

My artworks lead us somewhere between the ocean depths and the poetry of the cosmos.
Roselyne Dupetitpré started figurative painting at a very young age. The artist discovers abstraction in 2011 and trains with local artists. This art becomes essential to her life, like a breath, a necessary meditation. Guided by silence, her artworks is all about us, about life. This life flowing from her brush, in the sometimes explosive meeting of opposites: shade and light, transparency and opacity, traces and evanescence... a perpetual quest for light. From the darkness of the cosmos, to the poetry of dreams, a space of freedom is felt in her work.
Acrylic allows her a fluid and slender gesture, free of any constraint. From a deep and intimate relationship with material : collages, cracks, impastos, fades... create as many asperities to structure her compositions. Her limited chromatic range offers many lighting effects. Carried by the work of Chinese artists Zao Wou-ki and Chu The-Chun whose technique allowed her to free her creativity, she is also very influenced by other artists such as Fabienne Verdier, Pierre Soulages, Cy Twombly, Joan Mitchell and many others.

Currently this artist is only exhibited in our online gallery.

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  • 2022
    Concept store gallery
    LA BAULE, France
  • 2022
    International Art Festival
    SEOUL, France
  • 2022
    Focus Art Fair Carrousel du Louvre
    PARIS, France
  • 2021
    Solo exhibition - Abbaye de Bouchemaine
  • 2020
    Tyrrell Art Gallery
    CAMBRIDGE, United Kingdom
(65 Artworks)
65 Artworks
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