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Zrihen Marcos | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • Zrihen Marcos | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography
Zrihen Marcos
  • Spain
  • Painter

Less is more.
It was only at the age of 17 that Marcos Zrihen discovered, by chance, a passion for painting. During an exhibition of Munch's work, he was captivated by the artist's work and thus saw the desire to paint being born in him. He began to draw and paint, and art became a real passion for the young Spaniard. After studying journalism, Marcos Zrihen spent several years in Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona and Alicante. While he held various jobs, including hotel receptionist and language tutor, he continued to paint, art having become indispensable to him. Between 1990 and 1992, the painter travels to Israel, Egypt and Australia. There he discovered the desert, which he fell madly in love with and which naturally became one of his favorite themes along with the sea. In 2001, Marcos decided to devote himself entirely to his art and become a professional painter. Since 2004, he regularly collaborates with numerous galleries in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Spain.
Marcos Zrihen distinguishes himself by a minimalist and pure style. He works with acrylic on a background of material to texture and color the background of his paintings and to represent the sand of the desert or the beach. He also uses paper, which he glues, to dress his African characters. Through his works, the artist questions the relationship between man and nature. He is inspired by the beach, the desert, rural landscapes and everything related to nature. Love, well-being, peace, solitude and human feelings are also a source of inspiration for the Spanish painter who often stages small characters, with stretched shadows, in immense and empty landscapes, evoking a feeling of wandering, solitude and freedom.

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  • 2005-2019
    Participate in a painting fair every weekend
    Barcelona, Spain
  • 2001
    Become a professional painter
    Barcelona, Spain
  • 11/05/1966
    Barcelona, Spain

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