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All you need to know about the Maison&Objet show in Paris in September 2023

- 12/09/2023
You know that decor is much more than just objects in a room, don't you? It's a lifestyle, an ambiance, a vibe! This month, the world-famous salon design was THE place to be to unearth the nuggets that will turn your home into a veritable sanctuary of style. We're talking about a not-to-be-missed event, where the "Enjoy" theme gave us an experience as unforgettable as it was inspiring: the Maison&Objet design show in September 2023.

The Maison&Objet show: THE temple of decor and design trends

Wonder what happens when you bring the world's brightest creative minds together under one roof? You get Maison&Objet, the world's epicenter for decoration, design, furnishings and lifestyle!

Located in the heart of the City of Light, Paris, this iconic show is held twice a year and is a must for all those who breathe and live art and design. Imagine a world where every aisle is a new adventure, every stand a composition, and every product an inspiration.

Yes, you read that right: it's nirvana for any art lover, budding designer, or even you, the style and comfort addict. Whether it's interior decoration, outdoor design, contemporary objets d'art or sustainable solutions, the diversity of products and ideas on display is simply breathtaking.

But wait, there's more! This year, the show has chosen the theme "Enjoy", inviting exhibitors and visitors to rediscover pleasure in every aspect of our lives. From playful furniture to interactive installations, this show aims to do nothing less than reenchant your everyday life. We're off!

The trends:


show maison&objet - wood and straw deco

show maison&objet - wooden furniture

exhibition maison&objet - deco wood relief painting
maison&objet booth - designer wooden stool
In terms of materials, it's wood all over the place, but combined with other organic materials, please!
maison&objet booth - dining room in wood and natural materials

design show maison&objet - design wool
Wool for all!

maison&objet - wool decoration fair

Glass is the new class

show maison&objet - designer colored glass

exhibition maison&objet paris - designer glass vase

maison&objet september 2023 - travertine stool
Travertine takes root in our interiors

 maison&objet 2023 - travertine living room
Between pots and vases, our heart sways

stand maison et objet - colorful vase

salon maison et objet 2023 - ceramic flower pots

maison et objet 2023 - decorative objects shape design
It's hard to argue that your decoration doesn't keep its shape!

maison et objet 2023 - geometric vases

maison et objet 2023 - decorative shell objects

maison&objet paris 2023 - glass design objects

home decor show paris 2023 - decorating unusual shapes

maison et objet paris 2023 - tiger wool decorative objects

maison&objet paris september 2023 - light design

maison&objet 2023 - maximalism color block

maison&objet paris 2023 - colored stool
Even in September, we're getting some color

maison et objet 2023 - colorful vases

Otherwise, at Carré d'artistes, we're all about wall decor. So take a look at our inspiration pages and why not visit our online art gallery... who knows? The centerpiece of your decor may be right here.



Vintage crockery: our table will have as much character as our grandmother!

desig show september 2023 - vintage crockery

maison&objet september 2023 - vintage white tableware

maison&objet september paris 2023 - colorful retro decor

maison&objet september 2023 -colorful retro decor

maison&objet paris 2023 - retro white decor

The designers


Focus on Muller Van Severen and the Cocon Exhibition

Have you ever heard of Fien Muller and Hannes Van Severen, the ultra-cool Belgian duo with the pragmatic name of Muller Van Severen ? They've literally shaken up the design world by fusing minimalism, utility and a healthy dose of avant-gardism in their creations. And guess what? They're "Designers of the Year" for good reason!

Their latest feat, the Exposition-Cocon, 'is more than just an exhibition. Imagine a space where all your senses are awakened, where conversation flows and your ideas about art and design are turned upside down. In short, it's the experience not to be missed if you want to know where art and design are taking us. Great, isn't it?

maison&objet september 2023 - cocon exhibition

maison&objet paris 2023 - muller van severen


Tim Leclabart: winner of the Rising Talent Awards

And what about future design greats? That's what the Rising Talent Awards are for! It's a veritable melting pot of talent from the four corners of the globe. It's all about eco-responsible furniture, jaw-dropping lighting and everything else that could revolutionize your home. So, who stole the show this year? Tim Leclabart !

With its pared-down yet ultra-expressive style, it made our jaws drop. It's not just "beautiful" design, it's design that speaks to you, that connects with you. And as an added bonus, he's all about sustainability, paying attention to the carbon footprint of his creations. Design and eco-responsibility, the perfect combo!

maison&objet september 2023 - retro design
When decorating rhymes with retro

maison&objet septembre 2023 - retro orange decor
Unique art for...

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