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Mixed media paintings

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Mixed media painting for sale:

Discover the mixed technique with Carré d'artistes through a selection of paintings mixing all pictorial styles. By this means, apprehend all the depth that the mixed pictorial art can offer.

If you want to buy a unique and original mixed media painting, you have come to the right place.
In our gallery or on our website, you will find in this selection of paintings your happiness.

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Which mixed media painting at Carré d'artistes?

You will not be insensitive to the figurative paintings of the artist Odile Escolier who paints very structured, very pure, often with stylized characters to the minimum.
Or the mixed media paintings of Roma Gaia who creates figurative works using various materials: acrylic, biros, chalk, Indian ink or felt-tip pens.

Find our selections of contemporary art through a vast network of over 600 artists!
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What is mixed media painting?

Mixed media painting is a practice as rich as there are ways of transcribing emotion onto canvas. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a sub-category of art as it is not codified. It is important to know that this technique is as old as the invention of painting and that it expands when new processes are invented.
A work is qualified as mixed when the artist uses several techniques, materials or supports to produce his work. At the very least, a painting created from two media falls into this category.

This practice was common in Asia, where painters used to add inks. Western mixed media painting is best exemplified by William Turner, who mixed gouache and watercolour to complete "Scarlet Sunset". This combination allowed the master landscape painter to alternate the transparent softness of watercolour to achieve a slightly hazy background and gouache to support the more opaque details.

Georges Braques also used this technique to create his still life "Compotier et carte". He began by creating a background using oil paint, before enhancing the luminous glow with charcoal and pencil.
More recently, Andy Warhol translated his vision of pop art through a wide range of techniques. In addition to oil and acrylic paint, he used ink and pencil.

How is the mixed media painting technique practiced?

The only rule governing mixed media painting is to use several techniques or mediums. The artist, faced with a blank canvas, will be able to combine several of them to take advantage of the properties of each.
He can therefore draw from a rich pictorial pool by mixing greasy, dry or wet mediums. Painting with watercolour allows you to paint chromatic landscapes, while oil offers a satin finish, at the expense of a long drying time. Conversely, acrylics are particularly appreciated by contemporary painters for their very short drying time.

Beyond the well-known painting techniques, the artist can play with textures and contrasts by underlining a brushstroke with a thin line of pastel or pencil.
Contemporary artists do not hesitate to broaden the possibilities by incorporating compounds of natural origin, such as sand, earth or even leaves. We invite you to discover Nicoleta Vacaru, who incorporates stretched threads into her works to emphasise the reliefs.

Although the mixed media technique offers a plethora of effects, creating such a work requires a high level of skill and pictorial knowledge. Each medium is characterised by different properties in terms of drying or opacity. Thus, the painter must apply the layers while being aware of these specificities in order not to distort the painting.

Come and discover the mixed selection proposed by Carré d'artistes, which includes unique contemporary works that mix all pictorial styles.

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11938 Artworks
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