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Small painting for sale:

Carré d'artistes presents you a large selection of contemporary art paintings in small and large sizes. You wish to offer you a contemporary painting of an artist and to expose it on a wall of your flat?

Buy a contemporary painting: 

Small formats are available in a wide range of techniques and allow a purchase at a reduced cost compared to a more monumental format. Large format paintings have a long pictorial tradition dating back several centuries. Painters such as Velázquez and Leonardo da Vinci depicted life-size portraits, nudes and other scenes of life.

In contemporary art, the art of the large format has become increasingly popular, with works by contemporary artists such as Anish Kapoor, Yan Pei ming and Mark Rothko. The larger XXL formats have undeniable aesthetic advantages and create a special atmosphere in a room. Painters, photographers, or sculptors have marked the history of contemporary art by the artistic gigantism.

At Carré d'artistes, discover contemporary paintings by great artists specializing in formats ranging from small to colossal: Fauve, Bjerker, Lau Blou, Catherine Rebeyre, Gustavo Ortiz, Christian Hévin, Natalia Villanueva ...

Find all our contemporary artworks in the categories : abstract paintings, acrylic paintings, pop art, street art...

Contemporary art and decoration 

Thanks to contemporary paintings, you can create a design and original atmosphere in your wall decoration. Indeed, our collection of paintings is full of imagination and revisits the classics to make surprising and surprising works. If you have any doubt, go and have a look at our categories, you will certainly be surprised (in the good sense of the word).

The contemporary painters of Carré d'artistes draw their inspiration from everywhere.

In the street, with the collection of street art paintings, in nature, through the abstract paintings ,in their travels, with the paintings of New York or the paintings of Paris, or of distant landscapes with breathtaking beauty.

The formats :

 Small format contemporary paintings range from 13x13 to 36x36
Large format paintings are rarely forgotten, from 50x50 to 120x120! What could be better than a large wall painting to dress up your interior? Farewell to modern paintings, make way for contemporary paintings by Carré d'artistes.
If you have a particular request, do not hesitate to contact us either by mail or by phone, we will be happy to answer you.

What is contemporary painting?

Because of the variety of forms, contemporary art is not easily defined, in other words it is by definition "the art of today" i.e. of the 21st century. What could be better than a small piece of hand-painted art?

It is characterised by its global nature, the diversity of cultures and above all the influence of technology and the digital age. Contemporary art also involves material dynamics, is diverse and is part of the communication of modern culture.

Modern and contemporary painting

There is a big distinction between modern and contemporary painting, although their definitions can easily be confused and there is some overlap between the two. We speak of modern art from the 1860s until about the 1970s. Modern art is more like Picasso, Matisse or Frida Kahlo are emblematic modern artists.

But only after the Second World War, the United States became a world art centre and many artists were born, such as Andy Warhol or Willem de Kooning. Contemporary art is mostly related to the present moment and in an art produced in the course of our lives.

The term "contemporary art" first appeared in 1910, with the foundation of the Contemporary Art Society by Roger Fry. It was then widely used in the 1930s as a pejorative term.

Now in the history of art, many movements can be described as contemporary art: abstract canvas, abstract painting, figuration, pop art, street art... Contemporary art also varies from country to country.
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3466 Artworks
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