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Opt for pop art paintings of animals for a colorful and positive decoration

painting animals pop art



There are several reasons why you should choose a pop artanimal painting for your interior decoration.

The main reasons that are put forward by our customers to choose pop art animal paintings are :

  • To renew its interior decoration
  • To flood your home with color
  • To honor the theme of the animal world



A radical change

First of all, the pop art animal painting breaks with the painting styles present in most interiors. If you are tired of your classic, academic, established and too common paintings, install the pop art animal paintings to completely renew your decoration and give modernity to your walls.

 This more contemporary universe will radically transform your home. You will have the impression to move, to discover a new interior.

The techniques and processes used in the art of pop art animals will also renew your interest in art and enrich your general culture.



A burst of colors for a positive decoration


Secondly, the pop art animal paintings in our gallery display bright colors. This explosion and variety of colors immediately sets a mood of fantasy and joy.

The pop colors, fluorescent, are cheerful. The works of our artists translate an essential dynamism and promise a confident future in opposition to the present and the future often presented in an anxiogenic way. 

The paintings contrast with the ambient moroseness and the dreary current events. The pop art paintings of animals give hope. By frequenting them on a daily basis, they will put you in a good mood. They make you happy. Moreover, the presence of animals which are characters from popular culture, cartoons in particular, accentuates the dynamic and stimulating character of pop art animal paintings.



The highlighting of animals


Finally, the current trend that is developing around animal pop art paintings expresses a desire to honor animal life. The most emblematic animals of the wild life are frequently overrepresented in the category of animal pop art paintings such as felines like the lion or the tiger. It is a tribute to the sometimes threatened existence of these animals, so powerful and so fragile at the same time.


    painting animals pop art



    The animals treated according to the pop art

    In the works selected by us, you will find several species of animals: dogs, cats, birds, insects, crustaceans, felines, marine mammals or reptiles. Often used in interior decoration: wild animals. They are treated by processes, techniques used in the pop art style: graffiti, collage, graphics, assembly, drawing, highlighting.

    Popular culture in the spotlight

    The artists producing pop art animal paintings are familiar with the art of diverting, of treating differently the image of characters from popular culture: comics, cartoons, animated films. We find Titi and Grominet, the Pink Panther, Scoubidou, Calimero. These famous characters, sometimes iconic, have a high sympathy capital with the general public. They have a reassuring character, because they are known, very familiar and very positive.


    Discover the artists of the animal pop art paintings

    Our artists, coming from different continents and from classical or more original backgrounds, will seduce you by their style and their approach to the treatment of animals in pop art paintings. And yet with our artists, different, but complementary, it will be difficult for you to choose between

    • Virginie Schroeder

    • Patrick Cornée

    • Hokiss

    • Pascal Lionnet

    • Ralau

    • and many others

    Virginie Schroeder, for example, favors acrylics and uses lines to define the precise outline of her subjects. Hokiss fills his animal forms with heterogeneous objects, stickers, very modern stickers, with flashy colors that contrast with the omnipresent black background.




    Focus on a specific animal

    If you are collecting art objects specific to a particular animal, you can follow this criterion which will satisfy your passion. You will surely find a pop art animal painting of your fetish that approaches your animal differently.


    Opt for the work of an artist

    If you particularly appreciate the paintings of an artist, if you have already acquired a painting of an artist before, this is the opportunity to continue the discovery of his work with his pop art animal paintings.


    The favorite

    Love is often the best criterion to choose. The effect, the emotions that a pop art painting of animals gives you will be determining. Discover the pop art paintings of animals in our galleries or in our online store and follow your own conviction to choose the artwork that will best suit your personality and therefore the decoration of your home.



    Works for the whole house


    Pop art animal paintings are suitable for all rooms in the house: living room, adult and child bedrooms, kitchen, office, hallway, corridor.

    The living room remains the preferred room to fix a pop art animal painting. This one will deeply modify your room. All members of the family as well as your guests will be able to enjoy and admire it. The various colors of our pop art animals allow their installation on walls with very diverse shades.

    The paintings in our selection are appreciated by both adults and children. Thus, it is possible to fix these works in the children's rooms or in the rooms of teenagers.



    Playing with dimensions

    ou will find pop art paintings of animals in various formats and sizes, starting at 13 x 13 cm. Take advantage of this diversity to install pop art paintings of animals in more unusual spaces: hallway, toilet, stairs, entrance and create a dynamic decoration.

    painting animals pop art

    Other advantages of pop art animal paintings


    To make discover art to the children

    This collection, more playful and accessible to a young public, allows children to discover art. The pop art animal paintings familiarize the youngest with major pictorial styles and contemporary artists.


    An original gift to offer to your loved ones

    Each painting is an original and unique work. It does not exist in several copies. Acquiring the work of one of our artists is a committed artistic approach. You support contemporary artistic creation while enjoying an exceptional painting. It's also a way to please yourself by offering a beautiful pop art gift that will stay in your home and that you will be able to pass on to your children.

    Finally, our pop art paintings of animals are an excellent choice for a precious gift to your loved ones or for a special event: wedding, birth, success, birthday.  

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