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Sea, Art and Sun !

- 26/07/2021
Sea, Art and Sun !
It’s summer! It’s finally time to go to the beach or the ocean and make the most of the sun. Feet in the water, listen to the cry of seagulls, the peaceful oscillations of boats and the sweet swashes of the waves…So many elements which inspire our artists! Gathered in a summer collection which must be discovered from the 27th of July until the 16th August in our galleries and on our website, the theme is based on the infinite marine painting. Holidays can’t make do without some contemporary art painting, so discover this quickly!  

Marine paintings for a contemporary art summer  

Through love and mythology, one of the most explored themes in the history of art: sea offers an infinite listing of patterns. Waves, storms, sunsets, beaches, boats, ports, sailors…Artists and mainly painters like representing infinite variations of the sea, which is welcoming and elusive at the same time. 

In our « Sea, Art, and Sun!” collection, the Italian artist Gaia Roma appeals to meditative minds. With her shades of light colors and delicate compositions, she uses a surprising universe…At times one sees a diver diving, or one one often comes across a whale, tiny and reassuring. For which room? A bedroom of course, even a child’s bedroom, to trigger a delightful play on structures! 

A change in universe with the French artist Silvia Depaire, who handles painting like a genius: no figurative bearing here, but an absolute sensuality of colors like dark blue, creamy white and sunny yellow. It’s as if the painter had dipped her brush directly into the colors of nature, to give life to pure chromatic intentions, which portray landscapes, seen from the sky-the beach, foam on the sea…Ideal to boost a living room, which may be a little too serious.  

Jonas Lundh comes from Sweden, he is a musician and a painter. This is the reason why harmony is extremely important in his marine compositions which often shows boats sailing on the water, going through thick fog. Piercing lights which are reminiscent of Turner’s landscapes, the artist works on atmosphere paintings, which are appealing due to its cloudy density…More Breton rather than Mediterranean! 

Back to France with Bruno Klein, who also likes to represent sailboats. Often in a group, the latter are nestled in a meticulously vaporous background and provide a touch of color, a pleasant thickness. Like these characters walking on the beach, aligned, and forming a constellation of figures…The work is genuinely peaceful, and one would willingly hang it close to a library. 

In terms of abstraction, Gérard Clisson practices “construction destruction” through generosity: he tears medium or hardboard strips and assembles them after this…In his compositions which remind us of the waves on the ocean! The process repeats itself, but the outcome is never the same and portrays absolute inventiveness of this great protocol, which depicts the tearing of the foam and the cutting waves. 



    Currently present at the Museum of Romantic life in Paris, in the neighborhood of Pigalles, the exhibition Tempêtes et naufrages (Storms and shipwrecks). From Vernet to Courbet, you can view this exhibition until the 12th of September 2021. It highlights the fascination of artists from the 19th century, for restless sea landscapes, which allows them both to report recent meteorological discoveries...but also portray their tormented states of mind on the painting! A wonderful mounting, which will make you want to take a little trip to the sea.

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