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Depaire Silvia | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • Depaire Silvia | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography
Depaire Silvia
I am happy to do, in my eyes, the most beautiful job in the world where the imagination is permanent, essential. This world was created to be shared, I invite you to discover it.
Originally from Buenos Aires in Argentina, Silvia completed all her school education there before going on a cultural exchange year in California. During her stay in the United States, she began to learn about art, especially urban arts, thanks to the large amount of graffiti that adorns the walls of New York. She also did not miss out on visiting the modern masterpieces preserved in the museums of the capital. When she returned to Argentina, Silvia set her new aspirations to one side in order to satisfy her family and enrolled in a course dedicated to marketing. A few years later, settled in France and encouraged by her husband, Silvia began attending evening classes at the School of Fine Arts in Nice to learn painting and drawing techniques. Today, a painter in her home studio, in Antony, located in the Paris region, she divides her time between the creation of her paintings and the running of thematic workshops.
Created from acrylic and mixed media, the works of Silvia Depaire underwent an important development to the discovery, of the informal and choreographic world of American artist Paul Jenkins (1923-2012) in 2016. Since then, the young artist has worked with enthusiasm and passion in the practice of flow painting, combining acrylic with various pigments and textures to compose bold, colourful, vibrant and luminous compositions. Deeply attached to the nature and landscapes of her childhood, Silvia is inspired by the elements, in particular water, to translate the transparency of the seabed and the depth of the celestial vault into painting.
  • 2018
    Exhibition at the Banque Milleis
    Paris, France
  • 2011
    Exhibition at the Hilton Hotels
    Paris, France
  • 2010
    Becomes a professional painter and opens her studio
    Silvia Depaire Workshop, France
  • 1991
    Begins her painting and drawing courses
    Nice School of Fine Art, France
  • 1970
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
(1 Artworks)

1 Artworks

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