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We fall for the terracotta decoration!


Coming through, the terracotta decoration arrives in all the rooms of the house!

Terraco-what? Terracotta means "terracotta" in Italian and not without reason! It's the color that terracotta flower pots take on before they are painted... an earthy, natural and chic hue. This color warms up the atmosphere just like our interiors. It reminds us of the roofs of houses in southern countries, Italy... It is a warm, vibrant color that reminds us of the sun.


decoration terracotta painting

However, it is not enough to repaint the walls with this color to define a cozy atmosphere. But then, how to do it? Decorative accessories are very important! So we will start with a monochrome idea and we can afford slight gradients, always in the terracotta shade.

At Carré d'artistes, we love terracotta so much that we decided to dedicate a whole collection of paintings to it. With us, no wallpaper or terracotta paint, we opt for works of art for a decoration that borders on perfection.





You've fallen for terracotta. You've been seduced by this earthy color, you've seen it at friends' houses, in restaurants, at your parents' house, during a trip to the south of France and you've finally decided to go for it. You and terracotta are in love.

Nevertheless, as in all love stories, you have to look outward at the risk of getting fed up. So we avoid the total-look!

Come on, with what other color to associate the terracotta? How to avoid a taste mistake? Here is a list of colors that will go wonderfully with your favorite shade.


To counter the rustic side of the terracotta color, we modernize it with one of the most iconic colors of the palette: black. A happy duo, terracotta tones counteract the coldness of black.


What could be more elegant than a pebble gray with terracotta shades? Choose gray for a zen atmosphere; gray for a tranquil spirit and terracotta to give that touch of pep that every decor deserves.


We take advantage of the warm color palette for a very warm and cozy atmosphere. Combined with nude pink tones, terracotta softens while retaining its authenticity. A must-have for Scandinavian interiors, it goes equally well with white, ecru and wooden decorative objects!

For a touch of originality, opt for a bright and cheerful peach pink, ideally complemented by a hint of cream and gold for an extra touch of sophistication.



And yes, for an interior with a southern garden feel, green is the obvious choice. Terracotta is a vintage color par excellence, which with the gray-green, creates a soft and muffled decoration, of retro inspiration... but very contemporary!

We particularly recommend olive green, natural and bright. And here is a soothing and bright atmosphere. Is this color too bold for you? Choose sage green and its natural contrast.


Slate blue

A graphic contrast between terracotta and slate blue provides a modern touch. Halfway between navy and charcoal gray, this rich hue will complement your signature color beautifully. Don't forget to add a few pops of bright color to liven things up.


Timeless and suitable for all decorations, white is the best ally of those who fear the taste mistake. The result is natural and contemporary, a great idea for a cozy interior inspired by the latest decorating trends!


Succumb to the charm of terracotta




    The terracotta invests the living room

    The living room is the perfect space to welcome this color. Indeed, cushions, textiles, sofas, terracotta vases and modern paintings in these tones are the perfect allies of a terracotta decoration playing the color card.

    For an invitation to escape, add a few cacti or a Berber carpet and you have a living room that invites travel!

    We will marry the paintings in terracotta colors with cushions in the same shades, which we will arrange carelessly on a gray sofa. Add these cushions on a rattan armchair for a bohemian decor.

    We will perfect the whole with other decorative objects in natural materials, even handcrafted: wicker, straw, wood, ... and everything you like!


    Terracotta in the bathroom

    In the bathroom, as anywhere else, decorative accessories are very important. Why not try this time, the total monochrome in this room?

    Scatter a few decorative objects here and there and complement them with visible linens like towels in brown tones.

    Add a natural touch with green plants. And to complete the look, a mirror and a basket made of plant material for a relaxing atmosphere.


    home decoration terracotta living room
    trendy terracotta bedroom decoration

    Invite terracotta into the room

    As for the other rooms, we will avoid a 100% terracotta decoration to sleep peacefully. Terracotta inspired colors are available in a wide range of shades. It is advisable to match them on the walls, bedding and decorations. Feel free to compose a delicate and warm monochrome.

    Above the bed or headboard, you can place either a large painting or a composition of paintings of different sizes.

    The bed linen is adorned with a terracotta comforter cover to warm up the room. Cushions with upholstered covers are one of the trendiest designs of the moment, especially in the terracotta palette.

    Rugs with asymmetrical patterns remain a safe bet. Adorned with ebony, terracotta and soft pink, it will look just as good in a child's room as it will in the parents'.


    Choose a kitchen with terracotta tones

    Of course, the easiest solution is to focus on the details. It's faster, easier and cheaper. Here are some ideas to try:

    Choose a table with a terra cotta top. Invest in terra cotta cups and plates. You can put it on a shelf or use them as wall decorations.  On a shelf, between two cookbooks, arrange a small piece of art. Why not a still life?  Place dried flowers in terra cotta pots. Use colored terracotta towels as well.  Finally, choose a lampshade or a red-orange clock.


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