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Find the perfect gift for Christmas thanks to our gifts ideas


Are you used to wrapping knitted sweaters, kitchen gadgets or scented candles every Christmas? This year, you want to give something unique to your friends and family. Why not turn to art? If the recipient of the gift is an amateur or a true collector, this is the ideal Christmas gift.

Are you lacking inspiration for original Christmas gift ideas? Discover our list of gifts to put under the tree!

Can you find the artwork that reflect him/her?

christmas gift idea



As the holidays approach, you want to offer a Christmas gift to a man in your life? We know how difficult it is to find an original Christmas gift for a man. Carré d'artistes has the solution. Gift a sculpture, rare and unique piece of art, it is the gift that will please your friend. Fan of video games, marvel or cultural icon? You will surely find the sculpture of his dreams.

Contrary to popular belief, you don't need to spend a lot of money to offer a work of art. In fact, art is becoming more and more popular and can be adapted to all budgets.

When you give a sculpture to your loved one, you share its story. Who was the artist? Why did he or she create this work? Christmas Eve is an opportunity to share a moment of exchange around your gift.

Giving a sculpture as a gift allows you to go beyond the usual decorative porcelain objects. Art is often considered an inaccessible medium. By choosing a Christmas gift idea such as a work of art, you reconcile the recipient with this environment that previously did not interest him.

Moreover, the purchase of this present can be made in one of our galleries Carré d'artistes or from any place as long as you have a support and an internet connection. On our site, you have a wide choice between the many sculptures. Don't hesitate to use the filter option to find a present that fits your budget, find a particular style or discover new artists.


Looking for a Christmas gift idea for a woman? No more underwear, accessories or appliances. Give her a painting based on her interests. What could be better than an art painting for a unique and original gift?

Offering a painting guarantees the happiness of its recipient.  Your friend will thank you for the new decoration of his interior and for all the emotions he will feel thanks to you. The painting you choose for your friend will be present for years to come while keeping its beauty and charm.

Giving a painting is a Christmas gift idea that is often associated with a substantial sum of money. This belief is based on the exorbitant prices of paintings by famous painters in galleries. However, it is possible to offer art to your loved ones at an affordable price. Among other things, there is no need to offer a Soulages or a Monet.

If your friend enjoys street art ou le pop art, it is an opportunity to arouse a particular emotion in them by offering them a painting in this theme.

Moreover, giving a painting at Christmas has practical advantages. You don't have to wait in line at the big stores to buy a gift at the last minute.

A painting is a gift that is out of the ordinary. You won't have to wait in long lines while shopping. You'll have plenty of time to browse physical galleries or online art portals.

Christmas gift idea for women

Christmas couple gift idea


With the personalized painting, you will surely create the surprise effect. It is a perfect gift idea for a man, a woman and even a couple! For example, for a couple's Christmas gift idea, ask for a painting representing the two lovers. You can be sure, this painting will not be found in any gallery and will please your loved ones! 

 What exactly is it about? Does the recipient of the gift appreciate a particular artist? Does he or she like to travel and have fond memories of a particular place?

The personalized gift is specially designed by an artist of your choice. In this case, you are a customer who orders a painting according to your wishes. The personalization is done at the level of the color, the shape or the size of the work.

Thanks to the Internet, ordering a personalized painting becomes simple. Simply choose your artist in an online gallery and detail your expectations. You can even choose the dimensions of the work.

The artist first studies the feasibility of the painting. Then, he proceeds to its realization. You will receive a first draft to judge if some modifications are necessary or not.

In addition to being a unique and original Christmas gift, a personalized painting is a decorative accessory. To obtain the expected surprise effect, do not hesitate to invest in a quality frame. For this Christmas gift idea, it is important to plan ahead. Indeed, between the submission of your order and its realization, it can take several weeks.

a gift card so you cannot go wrong


A gift card is often associated with a lack of risk taking. However, it demonstrates your consideration for the person's tastes. It is a practical Christmas gift idea that is suitable for everyone, if you lack information about the artistic preferences of the recipient.

Indeed, buying a painting is not without risk if you don't know the person well enough. Moreover, at Christmas time, online galleries offer gift cards suitable for various budgets. Gift cards are not just for Christmas. It can be used for any occasion, whether it's a christening, a birthday or a retirement.

In the case of a gift card, the entire process is done online. In our case, you just have to choose the type of card on Carré d'Artistes and to define the amount. Then, you fill in your details or the recipient's if he/she does not spend Christmas with you.

To make it look less impersonal, don't forget to wrap the card in a nice package. Don't forget the personalized note to go with it. It can be a quote or a poem.


gift idea gift card



Giving art is one of those original and personal Christmas gift ideas that require a good knowledge of the recipient of the gift. It is not easy to choose a gift that pleases your loved ones. Therefore, this mission is delicate. Nevertheless, with the following tips, you can approach this step serenely.


Knowing the recipient's tastes


Art is above all a matter of taste. Does your father appreciate contemporary art? Does your spouse like pop art? Does your mother like impressionist landscapes? Do you know their favorite artist?

Who are their favorite painters? Art is supposed to evoke emotion and admiration. The answers to these questions will help you find a piece of art they will appreciate.


Define your budget


Art is accessible to all budgets. Even if it is within the reach of everyone, some artists still present works at more than 1000 euros, while others are below 500 euros.


Find a piece of art that matches the interior design


To avoid having your gift gather dust in the attic, consider the interior design of the recipient's home when choosing the artwork. If the recipient lives in a small studio, they may not have enough room to hang a large painting. Also, consider the color when choosing your artwork.


Give a gift that you appreciate


When buying, ask yourself: will you hang this picture in your home? Will it have a place above your bed? In order to find the right piece, put yourself in the shoes of its recipient. If one painting doesn't inspire you, move on to another.

 This doesn't mean that you have to like the piece first. Each person's taste is different. Therefore, you should also consider the recipient's taste.


Custom the gift


Don't forget the frame after the purchase, as this detail can make a difference. The wooden model is the ideal choice, since it goes with everything. However, you can also choose a metal and colored frame. Note that you can ask the seller to frame the work and even wrap it for Christmas.

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