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Offer a work of art, an original and unique gift


A work of art is above all a symbol of creativity that encourages reflection. A curious person who wants to decipher the message that art wants to transmit will find it a great pleasure.

A communication of spirit between the artist and the observer will also be there. A sharing of empathetic moments for all the inspired is an advantage that an artistic work offers. It is also a way to decorate a room in one's home in an atypical and attractive way.

Finding a gift for your loved ones encourages rich conversations and will take you into the wonderful world of imagination. Discover the best tips to offer a unique and original work of art.

Get all the tips you need for your gifts:

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In the field of art, there are different types of works adapted to everyone's tastes. You don't have to be an art connoisseur to give an original gift to an art lover.

You just have to find out what your friend is passionate about to give an original art gift.

For collectors, a gift from an art gallery will make his heart beat a hundred times faster. You'll only have to check his home for items he likes to put together and find the perfect art gallery piece that fits perfectly with his decor. You can be sure, this arty gift will thrill him!


If he is more fascinated by street decor, opt for a street art gift. Paintings, sculptures, you will find without any doubt the gift for a street art fan at Carré d'artistes.


work of art gift

Artwork in your home or workspace


The benefits of having art in your home or workplace are numerous.

  • It is an expression of personality, a representation of our beliefs, feelings, hopes and philosophies. Art symbolizes our being and reflects for us an image of a developed and intelligent person towards others.

  • Having a piece of art in your home or office encourages the sharing of thoughts, ideas, feelings and impressions with colleagues or friends. It is a way to convey a message of encouragement, dynamism and peace at the expense of the stress of daily tasks.
  • It sets us back from the tedious activities of everyday life. Take a moment to look at your favorite works of art during your breaks to relax and oxygenate your brain.
  • Art attracts children and provides them with a spirit of creativity and imagination. Their perception of life will be broadened and their mindset will be bigger and stronger in the days to come. They will become creative and find the positive side of life at the same time.
  • Giving an original art gift to your colleague or loved one is not only limited to these positive points, but there are many more.



Many art lovers are stuck on the artworks of the 1850s and 1870s, but this world has evolved considerably since 1945. New concepts have emerged, giving birth to contemporary art. The integration of new technologies and the artistic mixing give it new aspects.


A renewal of style is in full expansion today. Video art, pop art, conceptual art and Fluxus are all present. For those who love comics and nature, a pop art gift will be welcome.




Women have a weakness for original gifts, especially a gift based on her photo. For Christmas, opt for a pop art portrait of your friend to surprise her. You can select her most beautiful portraits and have them personalized thanks to the personalization service of Carré d'artistes.


If you are a woman, you can also offer your man a pop art gift of this kind.


To help you make the right choice of contemporary art gift, original art gift or pop art gift, browse the sections of our website Carré d'artistes.

cadeau pop art femme



Modern art has a positive impact on people's psychological and emotional states. They are calming and have a stimulating and beneficial effect on our body. Studies show that viewing art regularly has a positive influence on how we react to stress and pressure, and improves our ability to improvise in difficult situations. People who are passionate about modern and contemporary art tend to be optimistic and proactive.


With a piece of modern art, you prove to the person that you know him/her perfectly, which can trigger an emotion in him/her. It also shows that you know how to make them happy by giving them this beautiful gift.


Giving a piece of art is also an opportunity to send a message to the person you are giving it to. For example, a red pop art gift can evoke very deep emotions in her. Red evokes passion, desire, romance, energy and even Christmas.


Carré d'artistes: an essential ally in the art world


Carré d'artistes is a network of art galleries worldwide. Our brand currently has 30 spaces in Europe, the Middle East, America and Asia. 

We are specialized in contemporary art with 20 years of existence. We collaborate with more than 600 artists internationally. Our ambition is to offer you the best according to the rules of art for all tastes and all prices. For all your art needs, you can make an online purchase directly on our site.



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