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    Just a stone's throw from the Vieux-Port, our Marseilles-based team is delighted to welcome you to our art gallery!

    Carré d'artistes is transforming the art world, making the acquisition of unique works simple and accessible to all. Our galleries, warm and open to all, are invitations to discover the exceptional creations of our artists. Come and explore exclusive paintings and sculptures, artistic treasures carefully selected by our art curators.

    Welcome to Marseille, the city of the Phocaeans, where a wealth of culture comes to life in streets steeped in history. At the heart of this artistic effervescence, the Carré d'artistes contemporary art gallery stands out for its uniqueness and dedication to artists and art lovers alike. Whether you're a curious enthusiast, an experienced collector or just passing through, we're here to welcome you with passion and help you discover genuine artistic treasures.

    Your contemporary art gallery in Marseille

    Our Marseille art gallery is more than just an exhibition space. It's a meeting place for the public and artists, showcasing contemporary art in all its diversity.

    Painting, sculpture, objets d'art, illustration and other nuggets

    We present contemporary artworks from the teeming imaginations of both French and international artists, highlighting both new talent and established names. This captivating collection embraces a wide variety of styles, from abstractions to figurative representations, including pop and street art.

    From vibrantly colored paintings to shaped sculptures, our collection bears witness to exceptional artistic diversity. Each creation tells a unique story, adding an incomparable richness to our gallery and offering art lovers a visual experience as rich as it is stimulating. Perhaps you'll find the painter of your life? The sculptor of your dreams?

    Each piece is carefully selected for its excellence, offering not only the opportunity to own an exceptional work, but also to directly support the artists and contribute to the dynamic artistic ecosystem of the Bouches-du-Rhône.

    Would you like to buy a work of art in Marseille?

    More than just a visit to our store, we offer you a real artistic journey, to be repeated regularly without ever getting bored. In fact, our exhibition is renewed every month! So each return to our gallery represents a new chance to discover new paintings, to be inspired by new and original creations, and to make each acquisition a unique and personal experience.

    Our regular vernissages and meetings with the artists add an enriching dimension to this artistic experience.
    Our dedicated team is at your disposal to guide you through your purchase. Whether you're looking for more information on a particular work or advice on how to choose a piece that will fit harmoniously into your space, you can count on the expertise of our gallery advisors.

    Where to find us in Marseille

    You'll find us in the heart of the city, not far from the Old Port, the Canebière and the Mucem: at 6 rue Lulli in the 1st arrondissement, a dynamic and lively district.

    Art in Marseille and us, it's a true love story

    We believe in a vision of art that celebrates diversity, creativity and personal expression. By exhibiting a variety of artworks covering different styles, themes and techniques, we enable the public to explore and appreciate contemporary art in all its forms. What's more, we strive to make the purchase of art more accessible by offering canvases at affordable prices.

    By purchasing a work in our store, you directly support the artists and contribute to the vitality of Massilia's artistic ecosystem.


    Unique art for...

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