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Carré d'artistes presents you a large selection of pop icons paintings.
The painting of pop icons refers directly to the genre of the pop art painting which seizes popular culture to translate it in an artistic way. Pop icons, i.e. popular stars known throughout the world, are very often represented in pop art. 

Buy a pop art painting Carré d'artistes

Why buy a pop icon painting Carré d'artistes ?

Carré d'artistes has selected for you a large choice of pop art paintings. We are the first community of European art lovers and have a vast network of more than 600 emerging artists.
So if you want to buy a unique and original pop art painting, you are at the right place.
In our gallery or on our website, you will find in this selection of pop art and street art paintings your happiness.

Pop art or popular art!


The term "pop art" comes from popular art and refers to several types of artistic techniques: paintings, sculptures, drawings, collages, silkscreen prints, etc. It comes from a great cultural movement. It originated in England, evolved in the United States and then throughout the Western world. 

It is strongly linked to the progression of the capitalist system from which it originates and which it condemns at the same time. The new techniques that appeared after the war and with mass industrialisation allowed pop art to innovate and use techniques that had previously been rejected by the art world. This movement also affected other disciplines: clothing fashion, music and all forms of visual art. 


Pop art appeared in the 1950s and developed mainly in the 1960s. In England, it was Richard Hamilton, a major figure in pop art, who gave it the impetus to become a decisive genre. In the United States, the emblematic artist of this movement is Andy Warhol. 
He often used silk-screen printing to point out the system of his time and to be able to reach a larger number of people. The forms, compositions and subjects of pop art are therefore very accessible to a wide audience and allow pop paintings to be very popular worldwide. 

British Pop Art 

British Pop Art began as a reflection on the place of art in society. 
It is the abbreviation of populart art, first coined by Lawrence Alloway in 1955, an English art critic and member of the Independent Group, a group of architects, artists and intellectuals created within the Institute of Contemporary Art in London.

American Pop Art 

Who influenced pop art?

American pop art was strongly influenced by artists such as Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol in New York, with a big push in the 1960s at exhibitions.

Pop icons in art 

This collection, designed by our painters, is colourful, with bright, offbeat tones, and aims to make each pop painting a joy to behold. Our pop art paintings in this category, which are far from reality, will undoubtedly fit into your wall decoration.

The main pop icons 

More precisely, pop paintings very often represent icons of popular culture. Since Andy Warhol's silkscreens of Marilyn Monroe's repeats, many pop artists have had fun reproducing the famous people of their time or the great timeless stars. 
Warhol also silk-screened Liz Taylor, Mao, Mick Jagger, John Wayne, etc. Other personalities have become models for the painting of pop icons: Brigitte Bardot, Steve McQueen, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Audrey Hepburn, Che Guevara, Kurt Cobain, James Dean, etc. The United States largely dominates this type of painting: American celebrities are most often depicted in pop art works. 

Specificity of pop icon painting 

Thus, the representation of popular icons has transformed the art world. Since Warhol, the work of art is no longer necessarily unique. Seriality is one of the founding principles of this type of painting and corresponds to the movement of consumer society. *
With pop art, art is no longer reserved for an elite. Everyone understands the meaning of the work because it comes from popular culture and everyone can find meaning in it. The icons depicted are representations of our collective unconscious as they are all familiar to us and we recognise them at first glance. 

Who are the famous pop art artists?

We can mention Jasper Johns, Roy Lichtenstein, Richard Hamilton...

Who is Andy Warhol?

Andy Warhol is the most famous and influential pop artist! He was born in the United States to Eastern European immigrants and created many famous Pop Art works that are still recognized today. He created a multitude of paintings, films, sculptures and installations. 

Who is Roy Lichtenstein?

Roy Lichtenstein is an American pop artist whose style was greatly influenced by the comic books popular at the time. He is one of the major original pop artists of the 1950s.

Who is Richard Hamilton?

Richard Hamilton is an English pop artist, known as a major founder of the movement. Some of his works are considered to be early examples of Pop Art. He died in 2011.

Pop artists at Carré d'artistes

At Carré d'artistes, discover iconic pop art paintings by contemporary artists such as Medeya Lemdiya, Pooky, Fabien Novarino, Valérian Lenud, and others. 

Medeya Lemdiya: Her figurative paintings are like her. Dynamic and colourful, they draw on multiple influences ranging from street art to pop art. 

Pooky : Powerfully coloured and marked by a claimed dynamism whose aesthetic is drawn as much from pop art as from street art, POOKKY's works seem to reflect, more than the subject itself, the artist's positive and sincere personality.

Fabien Novarino : Fabien creates original graphic works in the Neo Pop style - worthy heir of the Pop Art movement born in the 1950s -. Made from a subtle mix of collage, drawings and stencils, his paintings are inspired by pop icons from American and French cinema, modern urbanism and the world of comic books. 

Valérian Lenud: Pop art culture guides his work. He expresses in a joyful way the way he looks at the world today and shows how different cultures have influenced him. To refine his creation he mixes tools, using stencils, spray cans, acrylic paint and plastic arts to express his vision of the world.

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