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Which painting for a 70's decoration ?

- 28/03/2023

A color blast

Dive into the seventies, with their sassy geometric patterns, bright colors and unique textures! Many elements that we find in today's decor trends : round shapes, earthy colors, fabrics like velvet, rattan, plain wood. We also see the rebirth of macrame and flowery wallpapers or the overwhelming presence of home plants... If we like seventies style so much, it's mostly because it's fun and excentric.  Bright colors and bold patterns bring a joyful and energetic touch to the room, toned down with the natural elements which will create a warmer and homey atmosphere.
The ongowing trend of vintage decoration contributes to the resurgence of this style of decoration, this touch of retro that draws us into the nostalgia of a time full of dreams and hope!


In the 1970's, in the midst of the economic boom, society put a lot of hope in the progress of science and projected technological advances into the years to come.
Whether in fashion, architecture, design or music, the retrofuturist movement takes its inspiration from the way the future and science fiction were imagined in the past. This optimistic (even idealistic) vision of the future is at the same time combined with a feeling of nostalgia, which evokes memories of the quest for a new world where everything was still possible.


Strongly influenced by the era of the space conquest of the 70s, we find the "futuristic" side in the rocket shaped lines and forms recalling the spaceships and flying saucers (domes, spheres, ovals). In today's interiors with sleeker lines, these types of shapes can be combined very well with decorative elements with geometric and organic lines.

The main visual element in the retro futuristic style is metal, also inspired by scientific equipment. It can be applied in small touches (lamps, decorative objects) but also in strong architectural gesture (a designer chair, a wall). Metal comes in several finishes, whether matte, textured, brushed or reflective. We can use aluminum, stainless steel or chrome.
To warm up this element you can add solid wood components and vibrant colors to the decoration. A few touches of leather will add more elegance and keeping the raw aspect of the materials (for example brick wall) will create a "loft" atmosphere. Items from the 70's found at flea markets (advertising posters, vintage metal toys, neon lights) can also amplify the "seventies" feel.


Recommended artists :

Michel Hasson

We like :
  • The almost metallic texture
  • The geographic patterns and vibrant colors

We like :
  • The tapered lines of the beautiful bodywork
  • The sheen and brightness



70's decorating tips - retrofuturist

  • Brushed, textured, matte or reflective silver metal
  • Wood with warm tones
  • Textured or smooth glass
  • Plastic
  • Leather accents Colors
  • Shades of gray with vibrant touches of color

  • Vintage metal toys, Star Wars type collectibles
  • Industrial hanging lamps
  • Neon letters or geometric shapes Plants
  • Colorful fresh flowers

  • Architect: Oscar Niemeyer (Brazil)
  • Designer : Philippe Starck
  • Artist : Dan Flavin
  • Movies : Star Trek, Star Wars, Back to the Future, the first James Bond movies
  • Director : Jacques Tati

Laureen-Lee Morisset
Interior designer and design solutions consultant


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