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Artists above all,
It's a long lasting love story.


The story of a joyful whirlwind of their inspirations, their smiles, their doubts, our advice, their successes, our exchanges, and so much more...

The story of a daily collaboration with our 600 artists whom we defend with passion and commitment, to better accompany them on the path of creation.

What drives us? A special relationship with each and every one of them. Whether they are young or experienced, we encounter generous, inspiring, and captivating artists, and we strive to give them a voice, a face, to bring their art to life for clients worldwide.

A discerning selection of soulful artworks

How are our artists selected?

Every month, it's a bit like "The Voice," but for art at Carré d'artistes: during a selection committee, our art curators review over 300 spontaneous applications and present the hidden gems they have discovered before anyone else.

Whether they are painters, sculptors, or illustrators, whether they practice abstraction, figuration, or street art, all our artists are selected with great care.

Our first criterion for selection?

Technical excellence, plain and simple. No bubbles in a cast resin or unintended drips. Each artwork is examined meticulously to ensure its excellence. Most of all our curators carefully select each artist for their original artwork and distinctive style. We make sure that each artist has their own universe, their unique touch, and that their approach is authentic.

The artworks we defend are imbued with a genuine proposition and offer a sensitive perspective on the world... In a nutshell, they must have a soul that touches and moves us, to better awaken the curiosity of each and every one of you. Art is not objective, which is why our art curators uncover the latest trends in the art world but also strive to offer diverse styles to cater to everyone's sensitivity!

Therefore, whether you are a novice or already an art enthusiast, whether you wish to add a unique touch to your interior or offer a concentrated dose of emotions to a loved one, you will undoubtedly find your happiness among our artworks.

Artworks at a fair price


Everyone should have the right to afford an artwork. Because art is about the unexpected, the imaginary, the sensitive, and so much more.

That's why, since our inception, we have been offering collections of artworks at a fair price all year round. These prices are set to support the artists, to remunerate them in line with their work, and to cover our costs: gallery rent, gallery staff salaries and support services, transportation, shipping, communication.

Unique art for...

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