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Pop art paintings

Carré d'artistes has selected a wide choice of pop art paintings for you. Pop art style, a true sixties fashion, invites you into a tonic and colourful universe against a backdrop of popular culture.

What is pop art painting?

A colourful style, a mirror of a new consumer society

Pop art emerged in the 1960s, more than an artistic movement it became a real trend that continues to this day. In a society that is transforming and turning towards consumption, industrialization and capitalism, some artists decide to democratize art and to address it to popular culture. The canvas explodes with colour, the lines are simplified and representations of stars or advertising objects have a privileged place.

Revisited techniques in line with industrial progress

In the 1960s, techniques evolved and artists put the spotlight on new products that emerged on the market: their preference was for acrylic, because it is a paint that dries very quickly, and to screen printing that gives plenty of space for stencil use. These are now more industrial techniques. This earned them criticism from some who did not recognize these techniques as the noble materials of art. The result is dynamic: bright, primary colours, out of step with reality, simple lines and sometimes rough lines which are freed from details.

Why is the pop art style still relevant in the 21st century?

A short history of pop art painting

It is in Great Britain that pop art painting emerges in the 1950s, in the midst of an industrial and capitalist society, it is then exported to all Westerners. The pop art style quickly became famous in the United States. However, pop art artists translate their vision of society: if we can see that the English or the French, with César in particular, deliver a critical message about the highly consuming society that is emerging with the cult of the image, we can also see that the Americans use it to impose the idea that it is necessary to mass produce for an always growing audience of consumers.

Pop art comes from "Popular art" in English, which is translated into French by "art populaire". Indeed, the purpose of pop art is to desecrate the work for the sake of democratization of art: the work of art is no longer unique, the canvas is duplicated (we remember Warhol who painted his paintings by the dozen). These are no longer noble or rare subjects, the artists draw their inspiration from the consumer society of their time: Mickey Mouse or Marilyn Monroe are the most famous subjects. They also draw their subjects from the advertising company. We remember the paintings by Warhol who used everyday objects belonging to everyday life, such as the Campbell's soup can. This tonic art of the sixties constitutes a real break with art as it was conceived! Kitsch, don't you think? It is a painting that is back in fashion, Umberto Eco says: "In Pop Art, Kitsch is redeemed and elevated to a new state of aesthetic dignity".

Two famous pop art artists

Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein are considered the pioneers of pop art:

Warhol, publicist of his profession, elevates popular culture to the rank of art, they call him "The High Priest of Pop", because we recognize him as the master in the matter. Everyone knows his series of Marilyn Monroe that can now be found in all decoration shops, as it was so been industrialized and still is. He will make screen-printed photography on canvas his trademark.

As for Roy Lichtenstein, it is in comics that he draws the subjects of his paintings. His mission is to achieve "A style as superficial as possible". However, we will see in his works worried characters, tearful women, which gives his pop art paintings a very expressive dimension.

Pop art paintings at Carré d'artistes

At Carré d'artistes, rediscover the nostalgia of pop art and bring modernity into your home!

If you love Andy Warhol, you won't be immune to the charm of the fantasy world of Kikayou who doesn't hold back in his use of collages, aerosol cans to enhance Lucky Luke or the Pink Panther!

Do you hold a special place in your heart for Lichtenstein and his comics? Find this pop art universe with a contemporary artist, Franck Lamboley, which puts in the spotlight with his acrylic bombs and his boxes icons like Star Wars, Batman and all the superheroes of your youth and today.

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