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Evolution, importance and reasons of drawing Nude Art

- 10/02/2022

People have had different views on nudity as times have changed. Nowadays, nudity is seen on billboards, contemporary art, and commercials.
Back in time and even now, the human form and its representation are a big part of culture and identity. Although presenting nudity is unacceptable in many societies, it plays a role in the social life of humans in terms of culture and identity.


nude art by carré d'artistes 

Nude art is a pictorial presentation of the naked human figure and has been part of Western culture for a while. From the prehistorical period until the earliest forms of civilization, naked humans have been drawn for different reasons. Nude paintings bring out different meanings in distinct contexts that take away the nakedness to introduce a deeper symbolic meaning. Some are made for historical, allegorical, or religious reasons, while other forms of nude art can be used for decorations for your house wall. Nude pictorials carry different meanings. The Western culture recognizes and categorizes them as either art, pornographic, or informative. However, some images may have ambiguous meanings for commercial reasons, which has been a trend, particularly in the 21st century.
Read on and find out why women's nudes are widespread, examples of nude paintings, why artists make nude paintings, what benefits they benefit from, and their importance to society.

Importance of nude paintings

Over the years, people have had different views on nude arts. Nude paintings bring out both the negative and positive sides of the body. They remind us that the body can be innocent or fleshly, beautiful or bizarre, making us choose sides by our own opinion of nakedness. On the other hand, artists can learn what lies underneath clothing to make better art pieces, even with clothed human art.
These paintings also help us appreciate ourselves, particularly our bodies, their beauty, strength, and unity from people of all walks of life.

Nude art : Le déploiement d'après Annie Swynnerton by Coco Rohart

Coco Rohart
Le déploiement d'après Annie Swynnerton

Why is female nudity so widespread in art?


Whether mortal or immortal, female nakedness in art has been deemed to represent beauty, fertility, and welfare. Nude female art has contributed a lot to the evolution of nude art in general, with some of the pieces gaining international recognition, fame, and admiration. Examples are Titan's Venus of Urbino, Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli, Virgin and Child Surrounded by Angels by Jean Fouquet, and Le bonheur de Vivre(The joy of life) by Henri Matisse. These art examples are essential to the spread of female nudity in art.

Up until the 19th century, artists were not allowed to paint nude art; they could only paint supernatural or fictional beings. From the 19th century onwards, artists could use nudity to present the beauty of the female body or as a representation of modern ideologies. Although up to now, female nudes have been subject to criticism, and once people see one, they begin debating on its purpose. The female gender has been affected by female nudes being so widespread without considering what the artist had in mind when making the artwork, which may be pure intentions away from showcasing pornography.


Botticelli's paintings, Birth of Venus

This significant painting marks the transition from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance. During Renaissance, growing interest in mythical subjects introduced new methods of presenting female and male nudes. According to the Renaissance perspective, the painting Birth of Venus contains the nude goddess of love in the middle representing divine love. Her hands and hair have been used to cover the carnality presented. However, the pose grabs the viewer's attention. On her right, Zephyr and his lover, the nymph Chloris, who accompanied Venus to her earthly abode, are drawn. On the other side, a woman in embroidered clothing and flowers is greeting her. This painting has various interpretations, with some viewing it as the fusion of both spirit and matter.
birth of venus by sandro botticelli : Nude in art


The neo-collector's guide to be an expert in art


Why do artists make nude paintings?


Many people would misunderstand nude art in photography and sculptures in today's society.
Artists make nude art for several reasons. Some artists portray the body as beautiful and artistic, while others try to bring out a different picture of just a naked body, attaching it to a deeper meaning.
Artists also craft nude paintings to express emotions and feelings that viewers can connect with, viewing the nakedness differently.
Artists also view nakedness as a uniting factor for humans no matter the race because everyone shares the same organs regardless of what race you are or background. Human nakedness can also symbolize human values like innocence which a pregnant woman can symbolize very well. An example is the painting called Pregnant Maria by Alice Neel, which presents a reasoning disagreement of the maternal nakedness and the sexual pose of the laid-back woman.


Benefits artists get from nude paintings

To deliver a realistic figurative form of the human body, whether nude or not, you need to have deep knowledge of the human anatomy. Artists gain knowledge of the body and the different curves and edges to produce a perfect nude art that presents the body as looking real. Constant practicing will improve your understanding of the parts that jut, protrude, or are flat. Nude art gives the artist a chance to present the human body in poses that can't be seen under clothes, making us appreciate the human body more.

By drawing nudes repeatedly, artists become better at their skills, which gains them some experience, improving their creativity and skills. In addition, artists can sell their pieces at auctions or to anyone who admires them. Nude paintings can be expensive; therefore, artists gain a significant amount of money for their artwork skills.

The carré d'artistes concept


Carré d'artistes is a network of art galleries created in 2001, our concept is to offer unique works of art in different formats and at affordable and fixed prices!  Thus, you can find a nugget from 95€.
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Final Thoughts

Painting nude pieces is deemed inappropriate by some but in real sense nude pieces contribute to art and can be informative and symbolic. At Carré d'artistes, we offer nude paintings at affordable prices. We have a wide selection of high-quality artwork from talented artists from all over the world to suit your choice and preferred style.

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