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Are you a fan of Marilyn, Leonardo Di Caprio, Amy Winehouse or Brigitte Bardot? If so, you are going to love our "Icons" collection.
Whether they are real or fictional, dead or alive, our pop art artists enjoy drawing the stars of yesterday and today. That's why we have gathered them and our selection will help you in your hunt for the perfect gift. A unique painting of a celebrity you love: admit that it's the best way to hit the bull's eye!

We know their faces by heart. They marked our childhood, aroused our desire or our admiration; in short, they are icons. And since the advent of Pop Art, artists also love to revamp the image of stars! Why? Quite simply because they speak to us all and allow brushes to rub shoulders with pop culture as much as with our most intimate tastes... ultimately, with our individualities. 

Check out our most beautiful icon paintings, there are enough for all tastes and all ages... And we bet you'll find your favorite!


(108 Artworks)

108 Artworks



Unique art for...

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