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Portraits of Queen Elizabeth 2 & Pop art paintings

queen elizabeth pop art portrait

Do you recognise this pretty face? Yes, you are not mistaken, it is indeed the features of Elizabeth II! Whether in profile or from the front, the former Queen of the United Kingdom is no longer to be presented and is recognizable by all. Nevertheless, at Carré d'artistes we will always adore a part of her personality, however unknown: the Queen loved art as much as she influenced it

Illustrious sovereign of the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland and the Commonwealth from 1952 to 2022, Elizabeth II is not only a crowned head who marked her country and the world by her political involvement and her unwavering devotion to her people. She was a passionate lover of art, and art loves her back! Throughout the decades of her reign, she was the muse of many artists and is now an undeniable icon of popular culture

For all these reasons and more, we dedicate this collection to her as a tribute. In it, the artists honour Her Majesty, her charisma and her influence, while forever giving her the place she deserves in art, memory and our hearts. God save the queen.


(16 Artworks)
16 Artworks
painting queen elizabeth 2

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Tribute to Elizabeth II with pop-art portraits

The Queen has left as much of an impression on Carré d'artistes and its painters as she has on the world. This is why, long before her death, we were offering paintings of the Queen of England on our website and in our gallery.
This collection is a tribute to Elizabeth II, pop art icon and muse of our hearts. We pay tribute to her and her love, passion and dedication to art in all its forms. We offer you:

  • Paintings that all represent Queen Elizabeth II in limited edition (our artworks are unique);
  • Artworks that are faithful or more subjective to the Queen's portrait;
  • Toile figurative, pop art ou surréaliste, the choice is yours
  • In black and white or flashy colours
  • Paintings of all sizes for all interiors

Receive the Queen of England in your home

Our collection dedicated to the Queen of England includes works exclusively depicting her. Why not invite her to your home for tea? A tête-à-tête with the Queen is not to be declined!

The pop art style has the advantage of giving any interior a boost, just with a wall decoration. Do you need some advice on how to choose? Don't hesitate to contact us by e-mail or telephone or to make an appointment with our specialists.

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Elizabeth II, portrait of a queen who will always be an art icon

How did Elizabeth II become the Queen we all know?

Elizabeth II, left us at the age of 96 after 70 years of reign and loyal service to the British crown.

Few British people can say that they have known several sovereigns in their lifetime. The vast majority of the Commonwealth has only ever been subject to the British monarch. Her death marks a turning point in the history of the crown, their lives, but also world history.

Where did the late Queen of England's fame come from? There were many events that give her credit: her unwavering support for her people during the Second World War when she was only a young girl, her ability to stay in a London bombed by the Nazis, her accession to the throne at the age of 25, immortalised by Cecil Beaton, meetings with all the great and good of the world, reconciliation with Ireland, etc.


A queen with a passion for the arts

Her dedication and passion for art will forever inspire artists, whether in fashion, music (notably the Sex Pistols) or painting. Obviously, she takes place at the National Portrait Gallery.

Since her accession to the throne in 1952, Queen Elizabeth II has never stopped supporting the arts. Indeed, she has done her utmost to promote and support dance, music and especially the visual arts as well as the various art forms. Her aim was to give everyone an opportunity to enjoy the arts, regardless of their quality of life or where they lived.

Although the Queen of England has never claimed to be an artist or an art specialist, she has acquired various works of art from several artists to complete her Royal Collection, which includes works by artists from the 20th century. One of her favourite paintings shows Jan Ricksen, a shipbuilder. It is a painting called The Shipbuilder by Rembrandt.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of England had a remarkable sense of detail and style. Her interest and taste for art and all that surrounds it has been documented and published in documentaries that have been shown on television from the 1970s to the present day.


A popular and artistic icon

A portrait known to all


The face of Queen Elizabeth 2 is one of the most recognised faces in the world. Her stunning style and charisma have always evoked a love of art...

Having reigned for over 70 years, Queen Elizabeth 2 is the longest reigning monarch in the history of the British kingdom. Highly respected at home and especially in foreign countries, Her Majesty's image is easily recognisable.

Today, even after her death, Queen Elizabeth 2 remains one of the most popular elements of popular culture, as does the British flag, the Union Jack. This is because her portrait is everywhere: on t-shirts, buildings (street art or wall art), coffee mugs, etc.


A pop art icon recognised throughout the world

Queen Elizabeth II will always be a figure and an emblem of 21st century pop art. Far from the official portraits of royalty, Elizabeth II wears bright colours that give these paintings a unique charm. But how did this happen?

The story begins with a portrait on canvas by the British artist Sir Peter Blake. In a series of pop art-themed murals he was making in 1967, he included a portrait of the Queen. The painting was very popular with the Queen of England and was hung in her flats at Buckingham Palace. Since then, the painting has appeared in various public places and has quickly become one of Her Majesty's most popular murals.

In recent years, the leader of the order of the garter has become even more of a pop art icon. In 2012, Chris Measday, a British contemporary artist worked on murals of Elizabeth II while using traditional portraiture rules. Measday's portraits quickly caught the attention of internet users due to their stunning modernity and quality.

Since then, many artists around the world have followed suit, all using the face of the Queen of England. Although conservatives do not approve of this new trend, there is no doubt that Elizabeth II is and will be an icon of the 21st century and especially of pop art.


The paintings of Andy Warhol and Lucian Freud

Andy Warhol and his portrait of Elizabeth II

Andy Warhol's portrait of the Queen is not to be forgotten: Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom 335.

Warhol's intense pop rendering is seen in the use of royal purple for the background with accents of Warhol's classic colour blocking technique in the complementary colours. By using a bright colour for her face and jewellery, Warhol accentuates her femininity and uses it to draw attention to the subject and highlight her power. Her soft facial features draw attention to her piercing blue eyes and her bright purple hair almost blends into the background, illuminating her crown and jewellery. Characteristic of this portfolio, Warhol's portrait shows Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom in her own right, rather than as a married woman represented by a king.

This painting is part of the 1985 portfolio Reigning Queens, an art project loved by collectors for its prominent models and the subject of female emancipation. It consists of sixteen paintings (silkscreens) depicting reigning monarchs from around the world. It also includes Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark and Queen Ntombi Twala of Swaziland.


painting andy warhol elizabeth 2


Lucian Freud and his painting of the Queen of England

"Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II" is a painting by Lucian Freud of the British sovereign.

ucian Freud became world famous for his nature paintings, but his many portraits are of particular value. Freud always painted only those who interested him. He set his sights on Her Highness, who curiously agreed.

For 19 months, Elizabeth II patiently posed for Freud in a drawing room. The result of their collaboration divided the British into two camps: some called Freud the greatest artist of our time. Others are far less enthusiastic, saying the Queen should imprison Freud for such an ugly likeness. Some media have called it the artist's greatest failure.


painting elizabeth 2 lucian freud


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