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Tribute to Frida Kahlo

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You wish to get away from it all? So do we, and we've chosen Latin America as our destination, with this collection devoted to the talented Frida Kahlo. She is famous all around the globe, the Mexican artist is inspiring in more than one way: she is self-taught, has fought sickness through art, created several self-portraits to assert herself as a woman painter...In her time, Frida managed to free herself from the norms, to better celebrate art and life in all its colors! In short, we dedicate this collection to her and to all of Latin America, so alive, colorful and vibrant.
(16 Artworks)

16 Artworks

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An influential artist out of time

Although she passed away more than half a century ago, Frida Kahlo's avant-garde personality and work continue to be a source of inspiration. Ahead of her time, her struggles are still relevant today, making her an iconic figure in popular culture. Fashion icon, political woman, bisexual and committed feminist, the artist's facets are multiple, just like her art. Indeed, Frida Kahlo is out of artistic movements. Her style is indefinable. Often judged surrealist, she contests, claiming to paint "her reality".

Collection Tribute to Frida Khalo: more than paintings of the Latin artist

At Carré d'artistes, we love Frida Kahlo and her colorful paintings strong in personality! We have therefore selected for you the most beautiful works of contemporary artists with various influences and techniques. You can find in this special collection:

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 Better than a reproduction or a poster of Frida Kahlo, buy a unique work


You might be tempted to choose a copy of Kahlo's work to decorate your home with a touch of modern art, as we understand you! We all want to have an original at home, but unfortunately our wallets don't allow it! Added to that, we believe that Kahlo's original works belong in museums so that more people can enjoy them directly.

Choose Kahlo influenced works instead of reproductions or posters

No matter how talented the copyist or how good the printing machine, the passion and intent visible on an original painting can never be seen on reproductions made in thousands of copies. Thousands of copies means standardization of the wall decoration. But don't you want a unique interior that only you can have?

Forget the posters that reflect the light, the printed reproductions and the paintings without soul and buy a unique painting or a sculpture. Instead, opt for our unique works, created with heart and passion by contemporary artists. What if your choice was a future masterpiece?

Frida Kahlo, a life of suffering in the service of art

Frida Kahlo is an artist born in 1907 in Mexico. She contracted poliomyelitis during her early years. This disease caused her to lose the use of her right leg, and she became the target of mockery at school. Later, the young woman imagined herself as a doctor. She was forced to abandon this ambition after a serious accident. With a broken spine and pelvis, Frida Kahlo was bedridden for several months. It was then that she taught herself to paint.

To encourage her, her mother gave her a box of oil paints, a custom-made easel and a ceiling mirror, in which Frida observed herself at length. This probably explains why the artist became the main subject of her creations. Frida Kahlo would not be the world famous artist she is today without her self-portraits! Indeed, these are numerous: there are no less than 55 of them, or about a third of her work.

She joined the Mexican Communist Party in the late 1920s. That same year she met Diego Rivera, a muralist who became her husband a year later. In 1930, they moved to the United States. Frida suffered two miscarriages. After several years, she was tired of the North American continent and its inhabitants, so the couple returned to live in Mexico in 1933. Deceit and extramarital relations were to be the end of the two artists, who divorced in 1938.

At the same time, Frida's health continued to be precarious. She often went to the hospital for various health problems, but never stopped painting. In 1940, Riviera again offered to marry her: she said yes. Kahlo began to be nationally known in the early 1940s. Unfortunately, this fame was also accompanied by serious health problems that forced her to prolong her stays in hospital. She died in 1954. Throughout her life, Frida Kahlo expressed her physical and moral pain and suffering in her paintings. Nevertheless, she knew how to turn her torments into a true work of art that is still relevant today.

portraits and paintings inspired by Frida Kahlo for sale at Carré d’artistes

Find in our online store or directly in the gallery works of contemporary emerging artists inspired by Frida Kahlo and her Latin American art: portraits of the artist, Mexican skulls, desert cacti and many others.

At Carré d'artistes, we want to democratize the art market by offering everyone the opportunity to decorate their walls with original and unique paintings or sculptures. A thousand places away from auction rooms, we offer you a price per size. Everyone will be satisfied with their purchase!

We guarantee you a unique work delivered with its certificate of authenticity, at home or in a gallery. We also offer a framing service to enhance your work in the most beautiful way. Treat yourself and invest now in the great artists of tomorrow.
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