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Tribute to Soulages

What legacy has Pierre Soulages left behind?

Pierre Soulages is an artist who is recognised worldwide as a painter and printmaker.
In his art, Pierre Soulages pushed to the extreme the research and experimentation of matter and colour.
His quest led to the omnipresence of the colour black in his work. His tenacity, his relentlessness, his extreme work on the colour black has fascinated many of his contemporaries. Among them, artists of the younger generation have seized upon Pierre Soulages' works.
The exclusivity of black in the work of Pierre Soulages still questions the general public and artists. Pierre Soulages' art is filled with mysticism.
To describe or comment on the works of Pierre Soulages, the terms Outre Noir or Noir Absolu are used.
These terms perfectly convey the opacity and density of black in the paintings of the greatest living French painter.*

Discover the Pierre Soulages Inspiration Collection at Carré d'artistes

Pierre Soulages has had a profound impact on the abstract artists of our time and from many countries.
Pierre Soulages is an essential reference and source of inspiration in abstract art worldwide.
In our online gallery we present the collection "Homage to Pierre Soulages", which features the artists Moritz Rimbaud (Spain), Virgis (Estonia), Gérard Clisson, Catherine Simoneau-Pestel, Christian Hévin, Ramses Ramses (France), Hilde Wilms (Germany).

How are contemporary artists inspired by Soulages Pierre?

The colour black is of course omnipresent in the "Tribute to Pierre Soulages" collection. It floods the canvases.
However, even when it covers the surfaces entirely by itself, as with Moritz Rimbaud, the colour black is never plain or dull. The colour black even seems alive and luminous.
Thanks to the effects of light, the textures chosen, the tools used to magnify or tame it, the black colour dear to Soulages Pierre is more luminous than any other colour. In the works and paintings of these contemporary artists, black is not synonymous with sadness, darkness or mourning. On the contrary, it is energizing, it explodes with life, joy and light.
The traces of the artists' work, as on the canvases of the master Soulages Pierre, are visible: erasures, scrapings, drips, brushings, layering in Christian Hévin, Hilde Wilms, Catherine Simoneau-Pestel or Moritz Rimbaud.
For Gérard Clisson and Ramses Ramses, it is the use of paper on the one hand, and other contrasting colours on the other, that refer to the Pierre Soulages works. The paper gives volume to the black colour. The colours used to complement the black absorb, reject or harmonise with the black.

While Pierre Soulages favoured large and even gigantic formats, our artists preferred smaller spaces to express themselves, with the exception of a few canvases.
Finally, while each of Soulages Pierre's canvases was entitled Peinture, followed by a number, some of our contemporary painters seem to adopt the same method. Moritz Rimbaud's works are entitled: 7.1, 7.8, 7.9,... and Ramses Ramses' works are entitled Obscur 11, Obscur 6,...


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11 Artworks



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