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He was born on April 28, 1928, in Nice… on a spring day, exactly 96 years ago. Vanished after a lightening career at the age of 34, Yves Klein is one of the most important personalities of modern art. Nearly a century after his birth, Carré d'artistes wishes to pay a tribute to the latter, by bringing together artists who are passionate about blue and in particular of monochrome blue klein.

Do you speak blue? A favorite color with the French, blue is the color of the sky, the sea, sailors, and melancholy. It’s inspiring, it guides many of our artists in their quest for intensity...

(31 Artworks)

31 Artworks

yves klein painter


A true precursor of the New Realism, Yves Klein had a dazzling period. Died at only 34 years old, the painter and artist is known worldwide for his eponymous blue. However, his works of art leave an indelible mark on the artistic world, particularly through the use of innovative media and materials.

In order to make you benefit from paintings or sculptures inspired by the master of IKB, Carré d'Artistes offers you a whole collection of original and unpublished models in shades of the famous blue klein, matte or glossy finish. More than a sculpture or a painting, a sculpture or a painting blue klein.


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A pioneering and visionary artist

As a painter, but also a sculptor, visual artist, performer and photographer, Yves Klein left his mark on his era. His use of blue and monochromes offers a personal vision of the arts and the world around him. Introduced to painting at a very early age by his parents, themselves painters, "Yves the Monochrome" was a curious and committed artist. It is notably thanks to his father, Fred Klein, painter of the impressionist movement, that the young Yves is introduced to painting.

Fascinated by color and the worlds to which it gives access, the virtuoso painter invented in 1957, the emblematic IKB (International Klein Blue). Monochromes or sculptures, everything revolves around the hue of the sky and the sea, which he finds unique. Only this color provides so many sensations and is devoid of ideas, he said, and he painted 194 monochromes between 1955 and 1962. The IKB is a process registered at the National Institute of Industrial Property.

His technique of "living brushes", borrowed from the concept of anthropometry of art critic Pierre Restany and Yves Klein, then performs. Paintings on body or sculptures, the artist seeks to put himself in the background for the benefit of the beautiful. 

Its capture of the aesthetic sense is essential for him and this one thinks that the bodies which it paints, in particular the trunks and the thighs, are: "the real universe hidden by the universe of the perception". One of the most famous artistic creations of this initiative is Ant 82 or Anthropometry of the Blue Age.

Through the work of the artist, the public perceives his quest for the absolute and his relationship with nature and the world. From "Exhibition of the void" to leave room only for the search for meaning to "Paintings of fire" to recall the force of natural elements, the artist from Nice fascinates as much as he disturbs. He experimented with the leap into the void and all his life, he oscillated between the material and the immaterial. 

With some close friends, he founded the New Realism movement in 1960, which established a manifesto with a charter. Resolutely turned towards politics and reality, this movement of artists and intellectuals is in opposition to bourgeois and elitist art. The artists used ordinary materials for their compositions and sculptures.

Easy and affordable access to art

Although monochrome and the painting of an "infinite color space" constitute for "Yves le Monochrome" a real fascination, blue remains for him the color of all dimensions. If you want to find this spirit in unique and original works, Carré d'Artistes offers a whole collection of paintings and sculptures. Our collaborative platform wants to share art with as many people as possible. At affordable prices, artists expose their works to allow you to make your choice. 

Because models signed by the master are reserved for the wealthiest, why not opt for creations inspired by the absolute master of blue? Much more personal than a simple reproduction without soul, an original creation arouses emotion and sensations. If you are a fan of Yves Klein or if you simply want to discover artists, Carré d'Artistes offers thousands of creations from different horizons. The Yves Klein collection will undoubtedly seduce you for its large choice of models inspired by the painter.

With blue as the main color, you will find in these paintings, sculptures and portraits, all the emotions of the iconic artist. Textile compositions in blue tones by Yasmina Ziyat, figurative paintings by Christian Raffin or abstract paintings by Lau Blou: a large collection awaits art lovers. According to your sensibility and without having to spend a fortune for a painting of a great master, Carré d'Artistes makes the works finally accessible.

It is also an opportunity to adopt a unique and original interior decoration. If everyone can buy a simple reproduction of a work of Yves Klein, on the other hand, a unique model brings a significant aesthetic touch. For purely aesthetic and decorative purposes, or because you are an art lover, you can find various themes specific to the artist's style. Nature and emptiness are indeed recurrent in his work and he has a particular and singular aesthetic of bodies. 

The Klein collection available on Carré d'Artistes strives to respect the codes of the painter, but also brings another look on his work. The blue is omnipresent and comes in an infinite variety of portraits and models.

For the anecdote...

  • Yves Klein is a great fan of judo. He even wrote a book on this martial art "the foundations of judo" in 1954.
  • Did you know that he disappointed nearly 2500 guests at his "exhibition of emptiness"? They did not expect to see only a room with white walls. 
  • He wanted to illuminate the obelisk on the Place de la Concorde in blue following his exhibition at the Pompidou Center, but the prefect opposed it and had the event cancelled.


contemporary artists and klein blue

Yasmina Ziyat, for example, realizes astonishing textile compositions from bluish lace, in which she cuts abstract patterns. Extremely delicate, this atypical work reveals the fragility of the material as much as its plastic strength... The perfect gift for a newlywed's room!


For its part, Christian Raffin concentrates on figurative painting: the artist creates canvases shrouded in a beautiful ultramarine blue, where lovers on bicycles glide by. Because spring, let's not forget, is also the season of love... And of lightness.


Playful, Lau Blou loves pure colors, which she uses sometimes in purely abstract paintings, sometimes in figurative evocations where landscapes, characters or flowers emerge. Her blues captivate and bewitch... With her, we are almost on vacation!


Last example of our collection with a nod to Yves Klein, Olivier Anicet and his marvelous urban landscapes plunged in the blue night. Never obscure, his city views exalt on the contrary the soft light of cities - or more exactly, of the most beautiful of all: Paris.


So tempted by a blue klein painting? Or a klein blue sculpture?


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