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From an early age, Léa Poirot has cultivated her curiosity and knowledge of the artistic world, mainly through various visits to exhibitions. This allowed her to develop an inner world leaning on precious wealth.

Today, she is an art curator at Carré d´artistes, Léa Poirot takes care of artists, pays attention to them, and makes sure that they always give the best of themselves. She knows how to guide them during times of doubt and provides them with new avenues for reflection.

She is open to all styles but is nevertheless rather sensitive to landscapes and poetic works.

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What does your job involve?
Curator comes from the Latin “curator” and means “to take care of”. So that’s what we do! We take care of our artists, we listen to them, we make sure that they always give their best, we guide them in moments of doubt and we give them new leads to think about. The other side of the job is also to find new talents, to be on the outlook for new trends, new techniques in order to always meet the expectations of our art lovers. The job of art curator is an incredible job thanks to the diversity of what we do on a daily basis. But all these tasks converge in the same direction: to share our love for art. 

What do you like the most about your work? Where does this passion for art come from?
I’m lucky to have a mother who is passionate about culture in general and who from the very beginning has shared with me this love by taking me with her to museums. Whether it is literature, painting, cinema or architecture, she has always made sure to arouse my curiosity and helped me to develop an inner world of precious richness.  And I think that what I like the most about my work at Carré d’artistes is this possibility to help people develop their imagination and to bring art into their lives, hoping that it will bring them as much as it brought me!

An anecdote to share with us? With an artist/ a client/ a collaborator? Something you will never forget? 
One thing I will never forget is the enthusiasm with which the CDA teams work on a daily basis. More than just a company, you can feel that each employee is dedicated to a mission. The proximity that we can have with the artists themselves pushes us and gives us wings. It is very pleasant to work in this atmosphere. 



Which style affects you particularly, why? What does it trigger in you? 
I don’t have a favorite style. I like to let myself be surprised by the works and what they radiate, what they evoke in me. I like unexpected works, those which one day become obvious to us. Sometimes all it takes is a detail that reminds me of a memory, an anecdote of the artist or an event that makes a painting speaks to me and inspires me. 

An artist from Carré d’artistes whose work you particularly like? 
It would be too hard to choose an artist among all those who compose the Carré d’artistes network! Besides, I work a lot on instinct. 
I’m impressed by the colors of Hilde Wilms, the characters of Laura Ketfa, or the calm that emerges from Mingxuan… Sometimes I can be unconcerned with an artist and all I need to do is to see his or her work under a new perspective and it becomes clear to me. All our artists do a wonderful job and I think the beauty of Carré d’artistes lies in our ability to offer a wide range of artists with different styles and techniques! 

If you had to describe Carré d’artistes in 3 words, which ones would you choose? Why would you choose them? 
A beautiful network of passionate and fascinating artists. 
A common passion to share and democratize contemporary art. 
A real human adventure. 

Rather small formats or large formats? And why? 
Small format, to be able to play with the sizes, to gather them and to create a universe. 

Why do you think art is important?
Romain Gary answered this question very well in his book Gros-câlin: 
“There comes a time when you can’t take it anymore and you are consumed by the need of truth and authenticity, to ask questions and receive answers, in brief, to communicate with everything, with the whole, and that’s when art is called for.” 

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