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Räv | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • France
  • Painter

People are interested in art because it is the only trace of our passage on earth. Untouchable
Under the pseudonym of Räv, hides Xavier, a young contemporary artist, brilliant and passionate. Throughout his schooling and his studies, he draws in his notebooks, customizes his stuff and sometimes graffiti, simply for fun. In love with board sports, he grew up on a skateboard and regularly practiced skiing, snowboarding and surfing. These universes often bring him in contact with a wild nature which inspires his works today. Caught up by his passion for Art, he decided in 2022 to explore his creativity by exhibiting his paintings.
With his abstract and minimalist works, Räv exposes all the purity of forms offered by nature. Under his stroke, the curves, pure and colored, of crystalline waves crashing against the warm sand, of snowy mountains splitting the azure sky or those of the sand dunes in front of a glowing sun are drawn. The artist works with acrylics to define his refined and precise lines. When he represents objects or plants, he is sometimes inspired by the world of tattooing or the geometric forms of street art, as in Ellen Rutt and Roberto Ciredz. Finally, he admires the importance of the environment and the use of soft and peaceful colors in the Japandi movement. Through his fresh creations, Räv transports us with him into the calm and serenity of nature.

Currently this artist is only exhibited in our online gallery.

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  • 2023
    Sign with Carré d'artistes
    Bayonne, France
  • 2022
    Creates his first works
    Bayonne, France
  • 1992
    Bayonne, France
(43 Artworks)

43 Artworks

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