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Castignani Sergi | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • Castignani Sergi | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography
Castignani Sergi
  • Spain
  • Painter

The artist pursues the search for the sublime and its beauty, with the secret desire that it remains forever inaccessible and indefinable.
Sergi was born and raised in Barcelona. His first contact with art was relatively late, during his training as an architect at the age of 30. Graphical representation and sketches was the work he most preferred in his training. After studying as an architectural engineer, he followed a more specialized training in lithography and calligraphy. This duality between artist and engineer became the pillar of his art. His technique was based on an intense dialogue between painting and architecture. For over twenty years, Sergi has exhibited in Spain and around the world. His art, which is close to a Japanese style and printmaking, fits in easily with major international events. In his work, Sergi maintains a balance between two ways of observing the world: seeing and looking, contemplating and acting, thinking and feeling. He prefers the painter's vision without planning or calculation, allowing all possible creative openings.
Sergi first works the background. This step is for him a moment of freedom and research where colours, shapes and subtle materials are represented on the canvas. He then transposes the images that arise naturally. He draws inspiration from the surrounding elements: nature, architecture and the city. He likes to depict moments of everyday life such as street scenes, children playing or birds flying off a roof. Sergi voluntarily uses soft colours that fade to reveal the subtlety of natural tones. Dawn or dusk; those moments when colours and light are not yet defined. He loves when the elements of his paintings are blurred, where shapes and contours disappear to make room for lightness. In this way, the colour exists only within the light. Poetry and sweetness are essential feelings that the artist seeks to convey in his works.
  • 2019
    Exhibition at the Art Montfalcon gallery
    Barcelona, Spain
  • 2004
    Participation in the 5th International Print Triennale
    Kochi, Japan
  • 2003
    Participation in the International Engraving Biennale
    Varna, Bulgaria
  • 1957
    Barcelona, Spain
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50 Artworks

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